Zarafa (Software)

Zarafa is a groupware server software for Linux, similar to Microsoft Exchange Server. Zarafa is in a functionally limited version ( no Outlook clients, some enterprise features are missing) as free software under the terms of version 3 of the GNU Affero General Public License ( AGPL ) published. In addition, a not completely open source Free Edition is available that links its own Outlook client ( " closed source " ) for up to three users possible. Zarafa is a member of the Open Source Business Alliance, supports the OpenMapi initiative and is offered as part of the German cloud as SaaS.


The written for Linux server software has a MAPI connection, reproduces the features of Microsoft Exchange servers, and lets you manage users from Microsoft Outlook or other suitable clients, shared calendars, contacts, notes and e- mails. This existing mail services are used as postfix for example.

Zarafa extended in addition to a PHP module to invoke MAPI commands directly from PHP scripts. Furthermore, it provides for the Apache Web server its own web client, which is similar to use Outlook.

Using free house development z -push Zarafa supports mobile devices such as smartphones and PDAs. It consists of an implementation of ActiveSync over-the- air (OTA ), which allows the customer to communicate with Windows Mobile and mobile phones from Nokia and Ericsson, Apple (eg iPhone / iPad / iPod) and Android -based mobile devices. In addition, these devices can thus receive push mail via the ActiveSync protocol.

For the integration of Google Maps or Alfresco exist, for example Zarafa own plugins. About Z- Merge it is possible to connect other software to Zarafa (eg SugarCRM ).


There are different editions. The code-base is the same for all editions.


Zarafa is originally a Dutch product. The Neuberger & Hughes GmbH Plochinger with years of experience in the Linux groupware market cooperates since the fall of 2006 with the Dutch and occupied in its German subsidiary, the Zarafa Germany GmbH, the position is one of two managers. In October 2007, the commercial support of their own groupware server Exchange4linux was discontinued in favor of Zarafa.