Závadka nad Hronom

Závadka nad Hronom ( until 1927 slovak " Závadka "; Hungarian Ágostonlak since 1907 - to 1907 Zavadka ) is a municipality in Brezno Okres within the Banskobystrický kraj in Slovakia, with about 2,400 inhabitants.


The municipality is located in the region Horehronie ( " Horehronie " ) and is located on both banks of the Hron, but mainly on the right bank. North of the village rises the main ridge of the Low Tatras, from where the creek Velky Potok ( " Great Brook " ) comes south, however, the Muránska planina and the brook Hronec.

Závadka nad Hronom is 25 kilometers from Brezno and 67 kilometers from the regional capital of Banská Bystrica.


The town was founded in the 16th century during a Wallachian colonization in the manor of Castle Muráň, on the site of an ancient settlement. It is for the first time in 1611 as Nagypatak after the right bank Bach. The name Závadka appears for the first time in 1617 and then in forms such Zavodka, Závadka (1650) and Zawatka (1773 ). The town received the Wallachian law and the first inhabitants came from surrounding villages, and from the landscapes Liptau and Arwa and dealt with cattle and sheep breeding and forestry. In the late 18th century iron ore mined in place. In the 19th century three forges and since 1860 a rolling mill worked. The 1907 Magyarized place name Ágostonlak refers to Augustus of Saxe -Coburg and Gotha, whose family held the estate of the place for a long time.