Zbaraj (Ukrainian and Russian Збараж; Polish Zbaraż ) is a Ukrainian town of about 13,000 inhabitants. It is located in the Ternopil Oblast and is located north of the district capital Ternopil.


Between 1340-1569 the city to the Kingdom of Poland, Halitscher land belonged ( Ziemia Halicka ). From 1569-1772 he was part of the Podolia province, an administrative unit of the needle case- Publik Poland - Lithuania. From 1772-1914 Zbaraj was part of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, a crownland Austria. Between 1918-1939 the city was part of the Voivodeship Tarnopol in the Republic of Poland and of 1939-1941: part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. From 1941-1944 Zbaraj was part of the district of Galicia in the German General, 1944-1992 part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and has 199 part of the Republic of Ukraine.


  • Dmytro Kljatschkiwskyj (1911-1945), Ukrainian nationalist politician and commander of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army
  • Ivan Prasko (1914-2001), Bishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Melbourne
  • Ida Fink (1921-2011), author, born in Zbaraj