Zvečan ( Serbian Cyrillic Звечан, Albanian Zvecan or Zveçani ) a municipality with Kosovska Mitrovica in northern Kosovo. It is among the communities of northern Kosovo, which are not controlled by the government in Kosovo. In this community over 12,000 Serbs who represent approximately 72 % ethnic majority live. It also due to its Albanian minority, which accounts for about 3 % of the population of the city.


For the first time Zvečan was mentioned in connection with the Serbian -Byzantine border conflicts between 1091 and 1094. Following the victory of Serbia over Byzantium under the rule of the Serbian Prince Stefan Nemanja in 1170, Nemanja arranged due to the successful outcome of the battle a church service in the Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Djordje, which was located in the area of Zvečan and its remains are present today.

In the 13th and 14th centuries Zvečan was one of the most important royal residences of the Serbian ruling dynasties of Nemanjic. In December 1322, died in Zvečan the Serbian queen Teodora. Nine years later, died and her husband, King Stefan Uroš III. Decanski in Zvečan. After his death, ruled inter alia, the Serbian nobility and Musić Vojinović in the region, which was part of the Serbian Empire.