2006 Tour of Britain

The 3rd Tour of Britain was a cycling stage race, which took place from 29 August to 3 September 2006. It was played in six stages and counted for UCI Europe Tour 2006.

On the 5th stage, there was a " go-slow " the driver. In the neutralized phase to the beginning of the stage, the field has been performed in the wrong direction. The police had taken a wrong turn, which is why the entire field of riders off the track. After the field stopped discussed drivers and officials almost half an hour, as it should go further. When the race was restarted, drove the field to 30 kilometers from the finish at a leisurely pace in protest against the organizational breakdown and lack of barriers at the track.

The driver commented after the end of the tour rather critical of the organization. Especially since the Tour de France will start in the UK in 2007.


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