A Raisin in the Sun (1961 film)

  • Sidney Poitier: Walter Lee Younger
  • Claudia McNeil: Lena Younger
  • Ruby Dee: Ruth Younger
  • Diana Sands: Beneatha Younger
  • Ivan Dixon: Asagai
  • John Fiedler: Mark Lindner
  • Louis Gossett Jr.: George Murchison
  • Stephen Perry: Travis Younger

A Raisin in the Sun is an American movie from 1961. The film was based on the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. She also wrote the screenplay for the film.


The Younger family is an African-American family living in cramped conditions in the south of Chicago, without much hope for change. However, as Lena Younger, a 10,000 - receives $ check from her late husband's life insurance, the life of the family seems to still be able to change. Lena has very clear ideas about what should happen with the money. First of all, she wants to buy a small house and daughter Beneatha should be able to finish her ​​medical studies. Son Walter Lee wants to invest the money however. He wants to become self with the money and open a beverage shop. Previously, he worked as a chauffeur of a rich, white man. However, Lena 's future plans against Walters. She buys the house in a white neighborhood and it is about to crash between mother and son. Even Walter Lee 's wife Ruth is against the investment. Walter Lee leaves the family in anger and remains off work. He gets drunk in a bar where it is Lena and she offers him the remaining money of 6.500, - to $. The family is so together.

The family moves into their new home. However, the all-white neighborhood is not at all happy about it. The Youngers get a higher offer than the original purchase price was to leave the area again. However, they reject the offer. Walter Lee invested without the knowledge of the family now in a business, but it cheated out of his money. In despair at his loss and the betrayal of his family, Walter Lee now wants to sell the house for the higher offer. But he sees that this would mean for his family a step backwards. Walter Lee declines the offer again and the family remains in the little house.


" The film adaptation of a successful stage play, in the design of the theater obliged impressed by outstanding actors, especially Claudia MacNeil and the seriousness with which it bears witness to the importance of family solidarity and the dignity of man. "


The film participated in the competition at the International Film Festival of Cannes 1961. Director Daniel Petrie was awarded at the festival with the first ever Gary Cooper Award. In 1962, the actor Sidney Poitier and Claudie McNeil was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. In the same year, the two actors would receive a nomination for the British Film Academy Award. Ruby Dee was selected by the National Board of Review for Best Supporting Actress of the film year 1961.

The cultural and historical significance of this film was honored in 2005 by its inclusion in the National Film Registry.