A Twist in the Myth


  • Vocals: Hansi Kürsch
  • Lead Guitar: André Olbrich
  • Rhythm Guitar: Marcus Siepen
  • Drums: Frederik Ehmke


A Twist in the Myth is the eighth studio album by the German band Blind Guardian. It was recorded from September 2005 to April 2006 in the Twilight Hall Studios in Grefrath and mixed and released on 1 September 2006 as the first album of the band via Nuclear Blast.


The longtime drummer and co-founder of Blind Guardian, Thomen Stauch left the band in 2005 due to disagreements regarding the music. He devoted himself after leaving his full, founded in 2004 power metal band Savage Circus, with which he picks up the style of the Blind Guardian album " Imaginations From the Other Side".

Musically, Blind Guardian is a further step in a new direction, even if " Carry The Blessed Home " is reminiscent of old works. Especially the song "Fly", which was anticipated released as a single, was among the fans of the band often discussed because of the new sound, which also thrash elements are now included.

Production-wise, the band went back a few steps. According Hansi Kürsch includes the album " perhaps 60 % of the tracks of" " A Night at the Opera ". The Perfektionswut of the previous album was pushed back to a more simpler direction, although production is still very much more complex than the albums before " A Night at the Opera ".

The cover artwork was designed this time by Anthony Clarkson, who has convinced the band through his work for Hypocrisy and One Man Army and the Undead Quartet. The artwork has parallels to the " Imaginations from the Other Side " album. Individual subjects are taken up again.


The bass played as a guest musician Oliver Holzwarth, who has worked in the past more often. The choir parts were sung by Olaf Senkbeil, Rolf Köhler and Thomas Hackmann. It is also the first album on which the drummer Frederik Ehmke new participated. The keyboard programming took over Martin G. Meyer and Pat Benzner. The music was written by Olbrich and Kürsch, the lyrics are from Hansi Kürsch.


The CD rose after publication of a # 4 on the German charts and stayed 7 weeks in the Top 100 occurred after release of the album Blind Guardian their " A Twist In The Myth Tour " which ran from Europe to North America to East Asia again led to Europe and Krefeld came to an end on 10 November 2007.

Title list

  • Digipack Bonus CD
  • Double LP Bonus Tracks


The digipack version contained a bonus CD on which were contained in a interview on the making of the album in two languages ​​( German and English), a specially designed media player and a music video for " Another Stranger Me". In addition, this issue was a sticker.

The bonus track "Dead Sound of Misery" is an alternate version of " Fly ," which, though played by the instruments in a higher pitch, still looks through the deeper vocals a bit darker than the original version and in addition a different lyrics and some have a different rhythm having. " Market Square" is the demo version of " Straight Through the Mirror" and is included only on the double LP and the Limited Book version.

In addition, a 1,000 piece limited edition box has been released, containing an autograph card, a seal and certificate of authenticity in addition to the bonus CD of the digipack.

Song Info

The song " Otherland " deals with the first part of the eponymous science fiction series of four novels by Tad Williams.

The song Skalds and Shadows is similar to A Past and Future Secret of Imagination From the Other Side album is a ballad track that contains a lot of folk elements.

This Will Never End is loosely based on the story of Wild Ride Through the Night by Walter Moers, which describes the encounter between the illustrator Gustave Doré with the Grim Reaper.

Lionheart treats the Homeric Odyssey, as described in Dante's Inferno.

Carry The Blessed Home accesses, as already earlier works, themes from Stephen King's The Dark Tower to.



Fly was released on 24 February 2006 in advance as a single. The cover artwork was created by Anthony Clarkson and shows the "blind guardian" (known from various publications of the band ) sitting on a throne, before him a shining gold cup. Besides the title track, the single also contains an acoustic version of Skalds and Shadows and a cover version of Iron Butterfly - In-A- Gadda classic -Da - Vida.

Another Stranger Me

Another Stranger Me was released as nachgeschobene EP on May 4, 2007. Besides the title track, this release includes the new song All the King 's Horses which was available only as a Japanese bonus track on the album to date and a cover of of 1931 Dream a Little Dream of Me by Kate Smith. In addition, the recorded music includes two demo versions of songs that can be heard on the album, and the video for Another Stranger Me