Abetone is a town with 668 inhabitants (as at 31 December 2012) in the province of Pistoia. Abetone is very well known as a holiday destination, both for its winter ski and in summer. In the southern urban area stems from the River Lima.

Abetone in winter

Abetone is the capital of the ski resort of the same name. Overall, the whole area has about 30 km of slopes with 22 drive systems, which are operated by the company multipass.

The ski area is divided into three main areas; the first region, the southward below the Tuscan Waaserscheide extends with the historically famous slopes ( Selletta, Fivizzani, Riva ); the second region, the nördwärts the Emilian catchment area extends ( slopes Zeno, Stucchi, Pulicchio ); The third area covers the slopes in Val di Luce. The three runs are Zeno Zeno Colò after skiing champion, who designed it personally named.

Abetone in summer

In the summer of Abetone is known for its diverse summer sports facilities. It is above all the possibility to mountain hikes and climbs to Mount Gomito, Monte Cimone and the mountaintop Libro Aperto. Abetone also has facilities for cycling, football and futsal.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Vittorio Chierroni, skier ( * 1917 )
  • Zeno Colò, skier (1920-1993)
  • Celina Seghi, alpine skier (* 1920)

Administrative body

  • Mayor: Giuseppe Montagna, dal 06 /2004.
  • Town Hall: A Call Centre 0573 60.78.11
  • Web page: Abetone
  • Climatic classification: F zone, GR 4130 / G