Ad Gentes

With the Decree Ad Gentes (abbreviation: AG, Latin: To the peoples ), from December 7, 1965, the Second Vatican Council has adopted its own ordinance on the Missionary Activity of the Church.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Theological foundations

2nd chapter: The actual missionary work

Chapter 3: Particular Churches

Chapter 4: The missionaries

5.Kapitel: The order of missionary activity

6.Kapitel: The whole Church Mission Help



Mission Principles

The decree is found that the pilgrim Church is missionary by nature. This objective determination arises from the source adhesion love, the love of the Father want and corresponds to the plan of God for the salvation of the human race ( cf. AG, No. 9). Missionary activity is nothing more and nothing less than proclamation or epiphany and fulfillment of God's plan in the world and its history in which God through the mission, the history of salvation visible takes place ( cf. AG No.9 ). A clearly missionary accent receives the decree by the prompt:

" For the world of nations sent to the church to be the universal sacrament of salvation '. "

This completes the basic purpose of the church from Lumen Gentium ( cf. LG # 48 ) is taken for the mission theology. The missionary work and evangelism is a task which has to meet the college of bishops with the Successor of Peter at the top under the prayer and Contribute to the whole Church ( cf. AG, No. 6).