Orientalium Ecclesiarum

The decree Orientalium Ecclesiarum was on 21 November 1964 by Pope Paul VI. promulgated and is a document of the Second Vatican Council. It is subtitled: "On the Eastern Churches ".

The decree

This Council Regulation, the Eastern Churches are recognized as part of churches and it is determined that none of them should receive a special privilege. All particular churches have the same obligations and are under the direction of the Bishop of Rome. The decree recognizes the right of the Eastern Churches and allowed to practice their own liturgical rites. It reminds to continue the restoration of unity, in the Eastern Churches, to strive. In addition, the document specifies some canonical and liturgical provisions, very clear position became the right of appointment of bishops based. In the preface, these features are already clearly expressed when it states:

" The Eastern Churches with their facilities and liturgical customs, their traditions and their Christian order of life are highly valued in the Catholic Church. These values ​​of venerable age indeed light up a tradition that goes back on the Church Fathers up to the apostles. It forms a piece of the revealed and undivided heritage of the universal Church. For this tradition, the Eastern Churches are living witnesses. Therefore, the Holy Ecumenical Council is the concern for the Eastern Churches heart. It hopes that these churches flourish and re- master the task entrusted to them with fresh strength for the apostolate. Therefore, it has in addition to the universal Church relevant arrangements also taken some decisions about them. However, it leaves more decisions of custody of Oriental synods and the Apostolic See. "

Table of Contents

After the preface, which has the core statements were summarized, followed by detailed decisions and instructions:

  • About the spiritual heritage of the Eastern Churches should be preserved
  • About the Eastern Church Patriarch
  • For the Discipline of the Sacraments
  • To worship
  • For traffic with the brothers of the separated churches