Adam Rudolph

Adam Rudolph ( born September 12, 1955 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American percussionist and composer.

Life and work

Adam Rudolph's early mentors were Don Cherry, Fred Anderson and Maulawi Nururdin. After a degree in Ethnomusicology at Oberlin College, where he obtained a Master at the California Institute of the Arts. In 1977 he traveled to Ghana, where he played with the griot Foday Musa Suso; a year later they founded in Chicago with Hamid Drake and Joseph Thomas Mandingo Griot Society, the traditional African music with world jazz merged. Rudolph also studied for 15 years, the North Indian tabla drums at Taranath Rao; He also collaborated with L. Shankar. According to his research in Europe, Asia and Africa, he has a range of instruments from congas, djembe, Bendix, dumbek, tablas, Talking drum, kalimba and Udu. From 1988, he worked among others with Yusef Lateef (with whom he can be heard on fourteen albums) as well as with Herbie Hancock, Jon Hassell, with Pharoah Sanders / Hamid Drake ( Spirits, 2000) and the formation Shadowfax. On the Moers Festival 1990, he has performed with Don Cherry and Hassan Hakmoun.

His debut album put Rudolph in 1992 with his band Moving Pictures before; In 1995, his first opera, The Dreamer Premiere. The early 2000s, he worked in Los Angeles with the formation Build an Ark, including Carlos Niño, Dwight Trible and Phil Ranelin. Originated with the band two albums, Peace with Every Step (2004) and Dawn (2007). In 2004, he joined with Omar Sosa and Joseph Bowie on the Berlin House of World Cultures in the context of Congo Square Festival. He also worked with Leni Stern ( Africa, Dream Garden ).

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