After the Sunset

  • Pierce Brosnan: Max Burdett
  • Salma Hayek: Lola Cirillo
  • Woody Harrelson: Stan Lloyd
  • Don Cheadle: Henri Mooré
  • Naomie Harris: Sophie
  • Troy Garity: Luc
  • Mykelti Williamson: Agent Stafford
  • Rex Linn: Agent Kowalski
  • Obba Babatundé: Zacharias
  • Chris Penn: Basketball Rowdy

After the Sunset is a caper comedy from 2004 and was directed by director Brett Ratner.


The Rascals couple Max and Lola wants to spend his retirement in the Bahamas. But Max seems to be much more interested in one of the legendary Napoleon diamonds, which is issued on board a cruise ship in the harbor. But FBI agent Stan Lloyd comes to him on the ropes and tried together with the local policewoman Sophie to catch Max in the act. Between the two begin a cat- and-mouse game. But the gangster Henri Mooré will capture the diamond.

During a joint dive of Max, Lola, Sophie and Stan manages the master thief in a spectacular endeavor to steal the gem to hide and at the same time to provide an alibi. After the absence of the diamond is noticed Mooré Lola takes hostage. Stan and Sophie succeed but to shoot him and save Lola so.

Stan Lloyd, who is dismissed from the FBI service for three months opened the master thief that he led him up the garden path, and go away with the diamonds. In the final scene, Stan is kidnapped in his car by a controlled Max remote control, which had already happened to him at the beginning of the film.


At the beginning of the film can be seen in the basketball scene on the sidelines Edward Norton sit, who has worked with director Brett Ratner in his last film Red Dragon.


  • The well-known film critic James Berardinelli described the film as predictable and " no great art ", but keeps it for technically well done. The film will deliver " 100 minutes undemanding entertainment."
  • When movie review aggregation service Rotten Tomatoes a score of 18 percent is calculated with an average rating of 4.4 out of 10 for After the Sunset based on 138 reviews evaluated. The review aggregator Metacritic calculated a value of 38 percent for the film after the evaluation of 32 reviews.

" A schwelgender in exotic locations, glamorous luxury and a photogenic cast burglar film of his role models, including Hitchcock's To Catch a Nice ', is indeed aware, has nothing in common with them but apart from the beautiful appearance. "

" After the Sunset performs somewhat entertaining almost all stereotypes of master thieves films before and comes at the end exactly back to where he did not want to be at the beginning. "