Albert Gemmrich

Albert Gemmrich ( born February 13, 1955 in Haguenau ) is a former French footballer.



Albert Gemmrich started to play football in the youth department of Racing Strasbourg. After playing in the 1972/73 season regularly for the Amateurligaelf the AS Mutzig, Racing caught up with him in his professional team. In his first season he only came to 16 inserts ( seven goals ). It was not until the next season, he was now a regular player. In 1979, he celebrated with the Alsatians winning the French league title. In that season he came to 38 missions in which Gemmrich marked 17 results.

Then he went to Bordeaux. In his first two years Gemmrich came at the Aquitaniern to many applications. In his first season at 38 and in his second season 33 inserts (12 or 14 hits). In his last season in Bordeaux he was only 23 events, in this he still came to nine matches after all.

1982 went Gemmrich the Nord-Pas -de- Calais and hired the OSC Lille. In the northern Frenchmen Gemmrich could win a regular place and only came to 17 inserts. A hit was denied him.

Therefore Gemmrich returned only a year later back to Alsace and played back for Racing Strasbourg. In Alsace is Gemmrich could win a regular place again. However, in 30 missions he was only eight hits.

Therefore, he joined the club. However, this time he went to the second division and hired at OGC Nice. With the club Gemmrich promotion to the excellence. In 27 games Gemmrich managed only four hits. The following season Gemmrich came only to four inserts. At the end of the league succeeded. After the season ended Gemmrich his career.


Gemmrich came in 1978 to five appearances for the Equipe Tricolore (two hits).


  • French Champion: 1979