Alberto Pagani

Alberto Pagani ( born August 29, 1938 in Milan ) is a retired Italian motorcycle racer.

He is the son of Nello Pagani, the first 125 cc World Champion in the history of the motorcycle world championship. Pagani's biggest success the Vice World Championship 1972 in the 500 cc class.


Alberto Pagani's career began in 1956 when he was hired by the help of his father, who was team manager at MV Agusta at this time, a 125 cc MV Agusta machine. In 1959 he debuted with fifth place in the 125cc race of the Ulster Grand Prix in the Motorcycle World Championship. From 1960 Pagani worked as official test driver for Aermacchi and remained with the manufacturer Varese almost the entire 1960s connected. The Italian started in the period on various brands over again sporadically in the smaller classes of the Motorcycle World Championship and was able to record up to 1967 a total of six podium finishes for themselves, without being able to celebrate this victory.

For Aermacchi Alberto Pagani, was among other things, on the development of the ultimately unsuccessful 500 cc Linto two-cylinder racing engine, the engine basically consisted of two 250cc Aermacchi - cylinders in a common crankcase. With this motorcycle drove the Italians in 1968 at the Grand Prix of the GDR at the Sachsenring second place behind Giacomo Agostini and 1969 the Nations Grand Prix at Monza in the 500 cc class his first Grand Prix victory. For the Linto this remained the only victory.

Alberto Pagani had a long time patiently waiting for a chance at MV Agusta, as the MV factory driver Angelo Bergamonti was killed in an accident in an Italian championship run in Riccione in April 1971, he got it eventually and was, consequently, by its stable performance reliable at MV number two behind the most exceptional driver this time, Giacomo Agostini. Already 500cc Nations Grand Prix the same year won Pagani his first world championship race for the manufacturer of Samarate. In the 1972 season of Milan began permanently for MV Agusta in the 500cc World Championship, won the Grand Prize of Yugoslavia, which was held this year in Opatija, and took a total of six times second place, always behind his teammate Ago. Even in the World Cup overall standings Pagani was behind the winner Giacomo Agostini also superior second and celebrated the greatest success of his career.

After a successful season in '72 Alberto Pagani ended his active career. This decision may be with the fatal accident Gilberto Parlottis who held the 125 cc race of the Tourist Trophy in 1972 with catastrophic weather conditions was killed due. The racing was the Italians still connected by following in the footsteps of his father and in 1973 and 1974 worked as a team manager for MV Agusta. Although the MV machines dominated the 500cc field this was no easy task, as the two factory riders Giacomo Agostini and Phil Read their rivalry fought out openly. After leaving MV, Alberto Pagani care increased by his family as well as business matters.