Alexis Herman

Alexis Margaret Herman (* July 16, 1947 in Mobile, Alabama) is an American politician (Democratic Party), as the Secretary of Labor of the United States belonged to the cabinet of President Bill Clinton from 1 May 1997 until 20 January 2001.


Alexis Herman was born in 1947 as daughter of politician Alex Herman and Gloria the teacher Caponis in Mobile and raised on. After her graduation in 1965 she attended the Edgewood College in Madison (Wisconsin ) and the Spring Hill College in her hometown of Mobile, but made her Bachelor in Sociology in 1969 from Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans. 1977 Herman was with 29 years under President Jimmy Carter, the youngest wife, the Director of the Labor Department 's Women's Bureau was.

Founded in 1981 by Herman her own consulting firm, AM Herman & Associates. From 1988 to 1991 she served as Vice-Chair Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee. After the election of Bill Clinton, they took over the management of the Liaison Office of the White House to the state and local governments ( White House Office of Public Liaison ), which she held until 1 May in 1997 at January 20, 1993. On this day, she was appointed as the successor of Robert Reich Secretary of Labor in the Cabinet for Clinton. She was the fifth woman, who held this office. With the end of Clinton's presidency Alexis Herman retired from the federal government.

In 2000, Herman married Dr. Charles Franklin, today she works alongside James Roosevelt Jr. as Vice Chairman of the Democratic National Committee 's Rules and Bylaws Committee. In the years 2004 and 2008 she participated as delegates each to the Democratic National Conventions.