Amadeus III, Count of Savoy

Amadeus III. (* 1092 or 1095; † August 30, 1148 in Nicosia ) was Count of Savoy and Maurienne, and Margrave of Turin.


He was the eldest son of Count Humbert II of Savoy and his wife Gisela of Burgundy. When his father's death in 1103 he inherited these as Count of Savoy and Maurienne. Since he was still a minor at that time, he was at first under the tutelage of his mother. In 1111 he was confirmed by his suzerain, the Emperor, as Graf.

He continued his father's france -friendly policy.

In 1115 he gave the wedding of his sister Adelheid with the French king Louis VI. , Which further strengthened his ties to this.

In 1125 he founded the monastery in house Hautecombe.

No later than 1137, he regained the Margraviate of Turin, who had lost his father.

1147 he joined the Second Crusade, but not the army of his liege lord, the Roman-German King Conrad III. , But that of his nephew Louis VII of France. On the way he fell ill in Cyprus, where he died shortly afterwards.

Marriages and descendants

Amadeus was married twice. His first wife was Adelheid. It is filled by a deed dated July 27, 1134, in which she appeared with her husband. Adelheid must be no later than 1135 died. In any case, married 1135 as his second wife Matilda of Albon, daughter of Count Guigues III.

From his first marriage with Adelheid he had two daughters:

  • Alice (c. 1124 ) ∞ 1140 Humbert III. , Lord of Beaujeu
  • Mathilde († 1157 ) ∞ 1146 King Alfonso I of Portugal

There are no sources that prove explicitly from which of the two marriages Amadeus ' Alice and Mathilde come, but since dated the birth of Alice's first son in 1142 and the birth of Mathilde's first son in 1147, it seems likely that they were daughters Adelaide.

With his second marriage with Matilda of Albon he had the following children:

  • Humbert (* 1136, † 1189 ), Count of Savoy from 1148;
  • Johann;
  • Peter;
  • Wilhelm ( † 1173 ), Priest;
  • Agnes († 1172 ) ∞ William I of Geneva ( † 1196), Count of Geneva from 1178;
  • Margarete († 1157 ), called the Pious;
  • Isabella;
  • Juliana († 1194), Abbess of Saint -André- le-Bas in Vienne.