American League Championship Series

The American League Championship Series ( ALCS ) is part of the play-offs in Major League Baseball. In it, the two winners of the American League Division Series play for the championship of the American League and a place in the World Series. Where the winner meets the winner of the National League Championship Series.


The American League Championship Series was launched in 1969 after the American League was divided into two divisions, East and West. It was a best- of-five series, moved their winner in the World Series. In 1985, the series was changed to the mode best- of-seven. In 1994, the American League was reorganized again and divided into three divisions (East, Central, West). Since then, the participants of the Championship Series will be determined in the preceding American League Division Series, in which the three division winners and one wild card team to participate.

Since expansion of the Series on Best-of -Seven it is played in a 2 -3-2 format: The Games 1, 2, 6 and 7 (if necessary) will be played in the stadium of that team that the home advantage ( Home Field Advantage ) has; the other games in the stadium of the opponent. The Series is over when one team has won four victories. Since 1995, the one team the Home Field Advantage, which has in the regular season won more games gets. However, should this be the wild card team, the other team gets the home field advantage. If both teams have the same number of wins, decides the direct comparison. From 1969 to 1993, the Home Field Advantage changed, however, between the two divisions.

With the advent of the Texas Rangers in the ALCS in 2010 now all teams of the American League have participated in this series at least once. In addition to the other current 13 teams, the Milwaukee Brewers could have played in the American League from 1969 to 1997, at least once to qualify for this.

The winner of the ALCS receives the William Harridge Trophy.

Most Valuable Player Award

Since 1980, the best players in the ALCS the Lee MacPhail Most Valuable Player Arward is awarded.


(WC) = wildcard team (since 1995)