Seattle Mariners


  • Division title (3): 1995, 1997, 2001

The Seattle Mariners are an American Major League baseball team. The team plays in the Western Division of the American League.


The Seattle Mariners come from the city of Seattle in Washington State, where they were established in 1977. Their home games wearing the team since 1999 from the SAFECO Field.

Nintendo of America bought on 26 November 2004 the 54 - percent share of former Nintendo of Japan chairman Hiroshi Yamauchi, who had bought this in 1992 to keep the team from bankruptcy. Even before the purchase of the Shares owned Yamauchi Nintendo of America shares some of the Mariners, the exact amount is not known.

Well-known players

Well-known players who play at the Seattle Mariners or there were to first-class players:

  • Felix Hernandez ( "King Felix" )
  • Ichirō Suzuki ( " Ichiro " )
  • Edgar Martinez ( " Edgar " )
  • Alex Rodriguez ( "A- Rod" )
  • Jay Buhner ( "Bones" )
  • Bret Boone
  • Ken Griffey Junior ( "Junior" )
  • Randy Johnson ( "The Big Unit" )
  • Freddy Garcia ( " The Chief" )

Members of the Baseball Hall of Fame

Gaylord Perry

Pat Gillick

Goose Gossage

Rickey Henderson

Dick Williams

No longer assigned numbers

Minor League teams in the Mariners

The minor-league affiliates ( tied to the major league club unterklassige professional teams, primarily for the purpose of player development ) is the Mariners:

It summarizes the niedrigstklassigen Leagues Under AAA (or Triple -A), the highest class Minor Leagues and A ( or Single -A).