Andrea Minguzzi

Andrea Minguzzi ( born 1 February 1982 in Castel San Pietro Terme ) is an Italian wrestler. He was the 2008 Beijing Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling in the middleweight division.


Andrea Minguzzi comes from a Ringer family and began in 1990 at the Sports Club U.S. Placci Bubana di Bologna with the rings. His first coach was his father Massimo Minguzzi. After he was moved up in the junior age in the Italian top class the wrestler in the Greco-Roman style, he moved to the top Italian Club Club Atletico Cisa di Faenza, in which Vincenzo Maenza, was an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling from 1984 Club President. Later he joined the Italian police and, therefore, in 2004 moved to the Sports Club Fiamme Oro Roma. His coaches are there Papacci Marco and Mauro Massaro.

The international career of Andrea Minguzzi began in 1999 with a start at the Junior World Championship ( Cadets ) in Nyköbing where he (then to 69 kg body weight) came in fourth place in the lightweight.

In 2000 Andrea Minguzzi first won the Italian championship in the middleweight division. He repeated this success until 2007, seven times.

But on the international wrestling mat, it took a long time before the appearance of greater success with him. So he took, for example, at the Junior European Championship in 2000 in Sofia middleweight the 15th Place and in the Junior World Cup 2002 in Nantes middleweight the 17th Place. A better ranking he reached at the Junior World Championship 2001 in Tashkent, where he, Germany, Kishan Govind Pawar, India and Kenneth Cook from the USA came about Bernhard Mayr welterweight after victories to sixth place.

For its first participation at the Senior World Championships in 2001 in Patras him a victory over the Indians succeeded Suraj time, losing to Keith Sieracki in the U.S. but threw him out of the race and on the 13th Place.

In this style, it went up to the year 2006. He finished by the year 2006 only places in the double digits, 2004, he succeeded, however, in Novi Sad with a third place in a Qualifying Tournament FILA for participation in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens to qualify at middleweight. In Athens, but he did not have a 17th place out after defeats against Levon Geghamjan from Armenia and Vyacheslav Makarenko from Belarus.

Andrea Minguzzi would not be misled by these failures and trained, well supported by his employer police continue to crack. In 2007, then a first success was established. He won a bronze medal at the European Championships in Sofia. He defeated there Vladislav Lukasevic from Lithuania and Vyacheslav Makarenko, then lost to Jan Fischer from Germany on points and still won over after Attila Batky from Slovakia and Kim - Jussi Nurmela from Finland. A major setback he suffered at the 2007 World Championships in Baku. He lost his first fight there against the Swedish Olympic champion and multiple world champion Ara Abrahamian on points. Since that defeat with 0:9 techn. Points turned out very high, he finished among the 56 runners in this weight class, which meant a new record for the World Championships on the 45th.

In 2008 Andrea Minguzzi succeeded at the European Championships in Tampere with third place a renewed medal win. He defeated there Nenand Zugaj from Croatia and Tarvi Thomberg from Estonia, then defeated by Badri Khasaia from Georgia and then beat Timo Andre Kallio from Finland and Jan Fischer. Curiously, he was awarded the medal of Jan Fischer paid, because the German led to three seconds before the end of the fight on points, looked at the clock and was therefore inattentive. Andrea Minguzzi realized quickly the situation and, with a quick movement a two score and thus won this battle, the European Championship bronze medal and a ticket to the Olympic Games in Beijing, during Jan Fischer had to be content with fifth place and also for later qualification tournaments was not more successful.

The Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 saw a well prepared Andrea Minguzzi. He started at middleweight and defeated Melonin Noumouvi from France, former world champion Alexei Mishin from Russia, Ara Abrahamian and fight for victory the young Hungarian Zoltan Fodor, like Minguzzi also worked for the AC Auerbach already in the 2nd Bundesliga, on points and thus won the gold medal.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship, GR = Greek and Roman. Style, Le = Lightweight, then to 69 kg body weight, We = welterweight, then to 76 kg body weight, medium weight, to 84 kg body weight)

  • 2000 15th Place, Junior European Championship ( Juniors) in Sofia, GR, Mi; Winner: Bojan Mijatow, Yugoslavia Vladislav Metodiew, Bulgaria & Poor Geghamjan, Armenia;
  • 2000 17th Place, Junior World Championships in Nantes, GR, Mi, after losing to Douglas Avila, Venezuela and victory over Tarvi Thomberg, Estonia; Winner: Sergei Rutenko, Ukraine ahead of Jimmy Lidberg, Sweden;
  • 2001, 6th place, Junior World Championships in Tashkent, GR, We, with wins over Bernhard Mayr, Germany, Kishan Govind Pawar, India and Kenneth Cook, United States and a defeat against Johongir Turchijew, Uzbekistan; Winner: Majid Ramazani, Iran before Nikolai Kurakow, Russia;
  • 2001 13th Place, WM in Patras, GR, We, and after losing to Keith Sieracki, USA victory against Suraj Mal, India; Winner: Ara Abrahamian, Sweden Alexei Mishin ago, Russia;
  • 2002 21th Place, WM in Seinäjoki / Finland, GR, Mi, after defeats against Tim Nettekoven, Germany & Levon Geghamjan, Armenia; Winner: Hamza Yerlikaya, Turkey before Ara Abrahamian;
  • 2002 13th Place, Junior European Championship in Subotica, GR, Mi; Winner: Balazs Kiss, Hungary before Theodorus Tounousidis, Greece;
  • 2003 18th Place, EM in Belgrade, GR, Mi, after defeats against Nazmi Avluca, Turkey and Artur Michalkiewicz, Poland; Winner: Alexei Mishin before Levon Geghamjan;
  • 2003 28th Place, WM in Creteil, GR, Mi, after defeat by Oleg Manea, Moldova and victory over Tuomo Mäntylä, Finland; Winner: Gocha Tschitschuaschwili, Israel before Ara Abrahamian;
  • 2004, 3rd place, Olympic Qualif. tournament in Novi Sad, GR, Wed, Alexei Mishin behind and Alexander Daragan, Ukraine;
  • 2004 14th Place, EM in Haparanda, GR, Mi, with victory over Chaim Revazi Turpiaschwili, Israel and defeat Attila Batky, Slovakia;
  • 2004 17th Place, OS in Athens, GR, Mi, after defeats against Levon Geghamjan and Vyacheslav Makarenko, Belarus; Winner: Alexei Mishin before Ara Abrahamian;
  • 2006 11th Place, EM in Moscow, GR, Mi, after victory over Fred de Vos, Netherlands and defeats Artur Michalkiewicz and Nazmi Avluca; Winner: Artur Michalkiewicz before Dennis Forow, Armenia;
  • 2006 18th Place, WM in Guangzhou / China, GR, Mi, with victory over Pedro Jacinto Garcia Perez, Spain & Ara Abrahamian defeat; Winner: Mohamed Abd El Fatah, Egypt before and Alexei Mishin Nazmi Avluca;
  • 2007 3rd place European Championships in Sofia, GR, Mi, with victories over Vladislav Lukasevic, Lithuania and Vyacheslav Makarenko, a defeat against Jan Fischer, Germany and further victories against Attila Batky and Kim - Jussi Nurmela, Finland; Winner: Alexei Mishin before Jan Fischer, Andrea Minuzzi and Melonin Noumouvi;
  • 2007 3rd Place, Grand Prix of Germany in Dortmund, GR, Wed, behind Artur Michalkiewicz and Rene Zimmermann, Germany and before Andrei Baranowski, Belarus and Attila Batky;
  • 2008, 3rd place European Championships in Tampere, GR, Mi, with wins over Nenad Zugaj, Croatia and Tarvi Thomberg, a defeat against Badri Khasaia, Georgia and further victories over Timo Andrea Kallio, Finland and Jan Fischer; Winner: Nazmi Avluca before Badri Khasaia and Andrea Minuzzi and Ara Abrahamian;
  • 2008, Gold Medal, OS in Beijing, GR, Mi, with wins over Melonin Noumouvi, Alexei Mishin, Ara Abrahamian and Zoltan Fodor, Hungary Zoltan Fodor (silver), Nazmi Avluca ( Bronze) and Ara Abrahamian ( Bronze)


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