Dimitar Dobrev

Dimitar Dobrew ( Bulgarian Димитър Добрев; born April 14, 1931 in Ezerche, Razgrad Oblast ) is a former Bulgarian wrestler.


Dimitar Dobrew began in 1948 with the rings. After the first regional successes, where his talent was evident for the struggle, he came to Sofia. As a member of a Bulgarian security organ he could devote himself fully to the ring martial arts and soon became one of the best Bulgarian wrestlers in Greco- Roman style. In 1951, he stood in the Bulgarian national team, who fought out a meet against East Germany, winning over Huth, Berlin, on points.

At the World Championships 1955 in Karlsruhe, he for the first time at an international championship. In the middleweight division, he finished doing a good 5th place. He won two fights, but lost to the more experienced wrestler Gyula Gurics from Hungary and Horst Hess from Dortmund, who even shouldered him with a Kopfhüftzug.

Up to the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne Dimitar had made ​​further significant progress. He won his first three fights there, subject only to Giwi Kartosia from the USSR and thus won the silver medal. At the World Championships 1958 in Budapest he lost again against Giwi Kartosia and ended up in 4th place. In this World Cup, he defeated the two German Ringer Horst Hess from Germany and Lothar Metz from the GDR, which nevertheless both on the places 2 and 3 landed in front of him.

At the peak of his career were the 1960 Olympics in Rome. With five victories was clear Dimitar Dobrew Olympic champion at middleweight before Lothar Metz from Rostock, who started for the all-German team.

At the World Cup 1961 in Yokohama Dimitar was not at the start. At the World Cup 1962 in Toledo in the United States but he was back again, finishing, starting after a weight class welterweight redistricting, fourth place. He lost it, although no combat, but had to retire because of two draw upon reaching of 6 penalty points after the fourth round.

The following year, he made the 6th place at the World Championships in Helsingborg. He had thereby won his first three fights on points, but resigned because of a loss to the Soviet champion Anatoly Kolesov from.

His desire to qualify for his third Olympic Games in 1964 did not come true. He stepped out from the Ringer sport and trained as a coach. After that, he was for a long time as a lecturer at the Bulgarian sports high school coaches and the wrestlers team this school in Sofia worked.

The results of international championships and some other tournaments that Dimitar Deobrew participated, are read in the following section.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, GR = Greek and Roman. Styles, We = welterweight, middleweight Mi =, then from 1962-78 to 1961-79 kg or kg of body weight)