Aleksey Mishin (wrestler)

Alexei Vladimirovich Mishin (Russian Алексей Владимирович Мишин; born February 8, 1979 in Rusajewka, Mordovia ) is a Russian wrestler. It was 2004 Olympic gold medalist and 2007 world champion in the middleweight division in Greco- Roman style. He also became European champions six times in his career.


Alexei Mishin began as a teenager in 1986 with the rings. He concentrated on the Greco- Roman style. At 18, he joined the Army and became a member of an Army sports club. Now he belongs to the sports club SK Witas Podolsk. He was trained mainly by Alexander Tarankanow, Yuri Kuzin and A. Glushkov. At a size of "only" 1.73 meters, he struggled initially welterweight, since 2002 it starts at middleweight. The blonde athlete is a stocky and very powerful wrestler.

The first international successes garnered Alexei Mishin one already in the junior age. Although he had in his first start at such a Championship, the Junior World Championship ( Juniors) in Turku, nor be satisfied with the 7th place in the welterweight division, but a year later he was in Tirana Junior European Champion before Gela Tschaidse, Georgia and Yusuf Düzer, Turkey. In August 1999, he was then in Bucharest junior welterweight champion before Yusuf Mehdi Düzer and Alijani Miandehi from Iran.

Already in May 1999 Alexei Mishin has also been used in the European Championship in Sofia. He had there, but pay a little dues, because after defeats against Nazmi Avluca, Turkey and Tamas Berzicza from Hungary he finished only 14th place. In 2000 he came to no international championships. Champion of Russia of that year Kardanow Murat, who started at the Olympic Games in 2000. Alexei Mishin in 2001 was the first time Russian champion in the senior welterweight and in the same year he was in Istanbul in the same weight class before Ara Abrahamian of Sweden, Nazmi Avluca and Giorgi Dschindschelaschwili from Georgia for the first time European champions. At the 2001 World Championships in Patras, he defeated Janbolat Musaev, Kyrgyzstan, Stefan Rusu, Romania, Tamas Berzicza and the South Koreans Kim Jin -sub and met in the finals to Ara Abrahamian, who could rely to avenge their defeat against Mishin at the European Championships, where the points victory for Abrahamian 5-0 was pretty much even. Ara Abrhamian was so before Alexei Mishin world champion.

As of 2002, Alexei Mishin launched at middleweight. Russian champion in this weight class but was Alexander Menshikov. Alexei Mishin was therefore in 2002 only at the Military World Championship in Tallinn for use, where he also the title before the Greeks Theofanis Anagnostou and Attila Batky from Slovakia won. In 2003 and 2004 he again won the Russian championship and 2003 he was in Belgrade for the second time European champions. On the way to this success, he defeated Theofanis Anagnostou, Filip Soukop from the Czech Republic, Tuomo Mäntylää from Finland, Valery Zilenz from Belarus and Levon Geghamjan from Armenia. To a disappointment for him was the 2003 World Cup in Creteil, because after a win over Filip Soukop he was defeated there in his next fight the completely unknown Bojan Mijatow from Serbia and Montenegro, which he left and landed on the 26th place.

In 2004, Alexei Mishin prepared intensively for the Olympic Games in Athens. He therefore did not start this year at the European Championships. Due to its poor performance at the World Cup in 2003, however, he had to qualify first for the participation in Athens. He managed this in the tournament in Novi Sad, where he won from Italy in superior style before Alexander Daragan from Ukraine and Andrea Minguzzi. In Athens, he was then well prepared and in great shape. With victories over Gotcha Ziziaschwili, Israel, Melonin Noumonvi, France, Dimitrios Avramis, Greece and Vyacheslav Makarenko from Belarus, he fought his way into the final, where he again faced his hard adversary Ara Abrahamian. In this fight he had luck on his side, because after 9 minutes fight time, the judges decided at a score of 1:1 in his favor. He thus became Olympic champion.

Alexei Mishin was in 2005 in Varna for the third time European champions. It defeated while Sandor Bardosi, Alexander Daragan, Badri Chasaija from Georgia and Nikola Stoyanov from Bulgaria, fell after the tournament even for doping from the ranking. At the World Cup 2005, the way seemed, for the first title win for him after beating Amor Bach Hamda from Tunisia, Luiz Enrique Mendez Luza from Cuba, Nazmi Avluca, Artur Michalkiewicz, Poland and Alexander Daragan to be free. He then met in the final at Alim Selimow from Belarus and subject to that with 1:2 rounds, although the point ratio spoke with 7:4 in his favor.

In 2006, Alexei Mishin remained at the European Championships in Moscow without a medal. He came there after wins over Pawel Daniel Burla from Romania and Laimutis Adomaitis from Lithuania after defeats against Artur Michalkiewicz (1:2 rounds, 3-3 points) and Nazmi Avluca only disappointing for him 7th place. Slightly better it ran at him at the 2006 World Cup in Guangzhou. He defeated Denis Nikolayev there from Israel and melanin Noumonvi, but was outclassed literally from the Egyptians Mohamad Abd El Fatah and lost against this wrestler with 0:2 and 0:7 rounds points. However, by victories over Attila Batky and Badri Chasaija he could still save a bronze medal.

Leaving aside his Olympic victory in 2004, then the year 2007 was the most successful in his career. He won this year three international titles. In Sofia he was again European Champion, where he among other things, Melonin Noumonvi and Artur Michalkiewicz and in the final the German newcomer Jan Fischer defeated. After that he was in Baku for the first time last world champion. The opponents he defeated were doing Mohammedmurad Orasow, Turkmenistan, Vyacheslav Subarjew, Kazakhstan, Badri Chasaija, Nazmi Avluca, Ara Abrahamian and Bradley Vering from the United States. In October 2007 he was finally in Hyderabad before Andrei Baranowski from Belarus and Vitaly Lischtschinski from Ukraine Military World Champion.

In the Olympic year 2008, Alexei Mishin renounced again to participate in the European Championship. But at the Olympic Games in Beijing, he did not have the same success as four years ago in Athens from this measure. He defeated in Athens initially Andrei Samochin from Kazakhstan, but then lost to Andrea Minguzzi (1:2 rounds, 5-3 points) and, probably demotivated, even against Melonin Noumonvi (1:2 rounds, 5-2 points). Pay attention to much that he scored more points in both lost battles as his victorious opponent, but a total of four rounds lost with each 0:1 points. In the final account, he got away with it only on the 9th Place.

Despite this disappointment, Alexei Mishin continued and continued his career in 2009 in Vilnius for the fifth time European champion. The opponents he defeated were doing Amer Hrustanovic, Austria, Zoltan Fodor, Hungary, Eerik Aps, Estonia, Vitaly Lischtschinski and Nazmi Avluca. The next disappointment he experienced then, however, at the World Championships this year in Herning / Denmark, because he lost there, like his first fight against Habibollah Jomeh Achlaghi from Iran, left and finished only 22nd place. In 2010, he won at the international championships back two medals, but could not win a title. At the European Championships 2010 in Baku, he defeated among others Anton Babko Maly from Ukraine and Jan Fischer, but lost in the final against Nazmi Avluca and at the World Championships at home in Moscow he had after two victorious battles against Christo Marinov from Bulgaria a concise point defeat (1:2 rounds, 4-2 points) to accept. Where he once lost two laps each with 0-1 points. With victories over Amer Hrustanovic from Austria and Damian Janikowski from Poland, he secured in Moscow but still a world championship bronze medal.

Alexei Mishin in 2011 won the Russian championship against the great talent Alan Chugajew, was this year but in any international championship at the start. He was, however, by now 33 years old, used in the 2012 European Championship in Belgrade, where he however lost his first fight and only came on the 26th place. In the Russian championship in 2012, he then lost his Russian Champion title to Alan Chugajew, the Olympic champions was a little later. Despite his 34 years, he continued his career in 2013. Due to some very good results in international tournaments he was nominated for the 2013 European Championship in Tbilisi. He was there again in excellent shape and has been with wins over Hassan Saman Tahmasebi, Azerbaijan, Dorin Constantin Pirvan, Romania, Fisnik Zahiti, Sweden, Nenad Zugaj, Croatia and Vladimir Gegeschidse, Georgia, for the sixth time European champions. At the World Championships 2013 in Budapest Alexei Mishin won Gilberto Piquet Herrera, Cuba, but then succumbed surprisingly against Nenad Zugaj. Since this did not reach the final, he was eliminated and only came on the 12th Place.

Despite his now 35 years old, he intends his international career obviously fortzusetzn because he won in January 2014 at the renowned " Ivan Poddubny " Memorial in Tyumen in the new weight class up to 85 kg before Azamat Bikbajew, Russia, Damian Janikowski, Poland and Ramazan Abacharajew, Russia

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