Anthony Mamo

Sir Anthony Joseph Mamo ( born January 9, 1909 in Birkirkara, Mosta † 1 May 2008 ) was a Maltese politician and 1974-1976 President of Malta.


Studies and professional activities

Anthony Mamo studied law at the University of Malta and graduated in 1931 initially with a Bachelor of Arts ( BA). In 1934 he graduated as Doctor of Laws ( LL.D. ). Because of its good academic qualifications, he received two grants ( "Travelling Scholarship " and " Bugeja Scholarship "). He then spent a year working as a lawyer. 1935 Mamo began his career in public service. First, he was appointed in October 1936 as a member of a commission to revise the Maltese law. This Commission, he was a member until the end of the review in 1942. At the same time he made after the beginning of World War II volunteer services in the refugee and welfare work.

In 1942, Mamo Attorney-General in the office of the Attorney General. From 1943 to 1957 he was also Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Malta. In addition, he was for many years President of the Council and Prokanzler the university. As Malta was 1947 again awarded by its own constitution by the British colonial power, a self-government, he became chief legal adviser and served as such four prime ministers Paul Boffa, Enrico Mizzi, George Borg Olivier and Dom Mintoff. In this capacity, he advised the government especially in discussions and negotiations with the British government.

In 1955 he finally got himself on to the Attorney General. Two years later he was appointed Chief Justice and President of the Court of Appeal.

After Malta's independence on 21 September 1964, he became president of the newly established Constitutional Court and 1967 also Chairman of the newly created Court of Appeals in criminal proceedings.

The last British Governor General and first President of Malta

Sir Anthony Mamo was already as Chief Justice of 27 June 1962 to July 2, 1962 Office of the Governor of Malta for a few days. In the following years he took over again and again on different occasions tasks of a sitting Governor or Governor General.

On July 4, 1971, he was appointed by Queen Elizabeth II as the successor to Sir Maurice Henry Dorman as Governor General and was the first Maltese in this office.

As Malta Republic on 13 December 1974 he was elected the first President of the Republic. This office he retained until his replacement by Anton Buttigieg on 26 December 1976.

Honors and Awards

  • Honary Queen's Counselor ( H.Q.C. ) 1955
  • Order of the British Empire ( OBE) in 1957
  • Knight Bachelor in 1959
  • Dr. hc. the literature ( University of Malta )
  • Knight of the Venerable Order of St. John


  • Biography on the website of the Maltese Government