Arena Football League

The Arena Football League ( AFL) is in a league of arena football in the United States.


In 1987, the AFL was founded with only four teams. The League reached with the years an ever higher popularity, thereby reducing the number of teams increased steadily. After a brief decline in viewers during the new economy crisis and the attacks of 11 September at the turn of the millennium, the average attendance grew to 2008 to almost 13,000 spectators per game.

Until the 2009 season played in the league 15 teams. Conferences in two, which in turn were each subdivided into two divisions Due to financial problems during the economic crisis, the 2009 season was canceled completely.

After some initial uncertainty about the future of the league, it came to a new company under the name of " Arena Football 1 ". Here, emphasis was placed on improved financial concept before all things. With the reestablishment some teams were (partly with name change) taken over teams from minor league " Arena Football 2 " incorporated, and founded two new ones.

In April 2010, the game operation was then taken using the old name league with 15 teams again.

Game Mode

The regular season runs 18 game days, two weeks as a "Bye " Weeks ( play ) are listed for each team in the calendar. This is similar to the NFL, there being every team has a game to free. The teams within a division play each in a return match against each other. In addition there are ten, in the National Eastern Division only nine games against teams in the other divisions.

After the regular season, it comes to play-offs in the KO system. In the first three rounds, the teams are still separated by Conference. Qualified are the respective winners of the four categories and, in each conference, the four-point best teams. This wildcard teams wear each other out of the first round of the play -offs. The winners meet in the next round to the group winners, who were still free of play in the first play-off round. In the two Conference Finals, both callers are determined for the Arena Bowl.



All results of the Arena Bowl, the annual AFL- final of the two Conference winners since 1987: