Atlin Road

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The Atlin Road is a road in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory, which connects the town of Atlin with Tagish Road near Jake 's Corner on the Alaska Highway.

Architectural History

The road was built in 1949 by the Canadian Army, the 41.5 km long section of the Yukon Territory is recognized as Highway 7, of the 52 -kilometer section in British Columbia is not part of the official highway system.

The northern part of the road was straightened and expanded in the eighties of the 20th century, the southern part was partially provided by 2000 with a blacktop.


The Atlin Road meets only 1.8 kilometers west of Jake 's Corner on the Tagish Road, which connects the Alaska Highway with Carcross Klondike Highway.

The course begins with marshy terrain, in June and July, the flowers of fireweed and wild roses show the midst of large stocks of horsetails. After 4 km Little Atlin brine is achieved, it is possible to camp. To the south west of the distinctive summit of Mount Mino ( 2107 m) is visible.

At km 6 of the branch to Little Atlin Lodge is reached, an information board at kilometer 8 illustrates a project for the resettlement of mountain goats - 1983/4 were 12 animals made ​​here from Kluane National Park. A farm at kilometer 13 on the Haunka Creek offers summer right on the road to fresh fruits and vegetables.

A non- designated side street leads at kilometer 22 for Lubbock River 4 kilometers away, which connects the Atlin Lake and the Little Atlin Lake; it is suitable for fishing for grayling in early and midsummer. The access road to a primitive campground at Snafu Lake - 1.1 miles long - is reached at 26 km, before being crossed at kilometer 25 of the Snafu Creek.

The crossing at kilometer post 30 Tarfu Creek flows through the Tarfu Lake, on which there is a further primitive camp site is located, which can be achieved by at kilometer 33 to the east branching, 4 -kilometer road. A beautiful view of the Atlin Lake arises from a vantage point at kilometer 35, its eastern bank follows the Atlin Road Atlin until after. The boundary between the Yukon Territory ( north ) and the Province of British Columbia ( south ) is reached at kilometer 41.5 on the sixtieth degree of latitude.

About 10 kilometers south of the boundary of the section with the most beautiful views over the coastal mountains, numerous small rivers that flow into the Atlin Lake begins to be crossed - Hitchcock Creek (53 km ) Base Camp Creek ( 58 km), Indian River (64 km ), Burnt Creek ( 80 km) and Fourth of July Creek ( 85 km). At kilometer 83 branches off to the northeast from the Ruffner Mine Road, which leads to 3.2 km away MacDonald Lake and on to Gladys Lake and the south shore of Teslin Lake.

At kilometer 53, a simple campground on the shore of Atlin Lake is happening, a Guest Ranch is located at kilometer 65 The well-known for its abundance of waterfowl Davie Hall Lake can be viewed from a parking lot at kilometer 80.

After about 92 km the city limits of Atlin is achieved, one kilometer crosses the Atlin Road with Discovery Road.

Discovery Road

The Discovery Road begins as Discovery Avenue in the center of Atlin and leads from here on about 21 kilometers due east to Surprise Lake. The dirt road provides access to the hot Bay Road, the Pioneer Cemetery and to the airport, which is approximately 2 kilometers east of the city center.

In the course of a viewpoint subsequent to the Pine Creek and its waterfalls (5,6 km), a branch south to the Gold Mine on Spruce Creek ( 5.8 km, 2.4 km away - no admission, but possibility of panning for gold on publicly owned land at kilometer 1.4 ), the remains of the former city Discovery (8.7 km; formerly called Pine Creek ) and the Surprise Lake dam (19 miles). The rest of the road to the end at the Boulder Creek is steep and winding.

At Surprise Lake is a simple campsite.

Warm Bay Road

The Warm Bay Road, which runs for about 26 km on the eastern shore of the southern Atlin Lake is a remnant of a trail, which connected the southern shore of Atlin Lake and Telegraph Creek as part of the Klondike gold rush and the discovery of gold at Pine Creek.

Along the road there are several primitive campsites, located at kilometer 3.5 of the starting point for the simple Beach Trail and the difficult Monarch Mountain Trail, from its peak in 1439 m there is a great view over the Lake Atlin results. A view of the Llewellyn Glacier in the Juneau Icefield and the Atlin Lake offers from km 11 At kilometer 23 the dirt road reaches the eponymous hot springs, 3 kilometers further it ends at a source called The Grotto.

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