Avellaneda ( Argentina pronunciation: [ aβeʒaneða ]; formerly Barracas al Sud, Avellaneda Centro also ) is the capital city of the Avellaneda Partido in Buenos Aires Province. Avellaneda is located southeast of the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires in the Province of Buenos Aires at the Riachuelo. Adjacent Localidades in the Avellaneda Partido are Dock Sud, Piñeyro and Crucecita.

Avellaneda had in the census 2001 24.313 inhabitants (of which 54.53 % women) and 8,900 households.

Avellaneda was founded in 1852 by a provincial Act and 1895 raised to the city and renamed in 1904 in honor of the Argentine ex-President Nicolás Avellaneda. The city is an important center of industry. Avellaneda is connected by numerous bus routes and the railway ( Linea Roca ) with the Argentine capital.

Avellaneda is home to two Premiership football clubs Racing Club and Independiente CA. Avellaneda in 1916 was the deciding game of the first Copa America after riots that occurred in the planned stadium in Montevideo, discharged.

The singer Lolita Torres, was born in Avellaneda.