The Barranyi National Park is a nearly all North Iceland endearing in the Gulf of Carpentaria, 45 km ² national park. He is one of the most remote destinations in the Northern Territory, Australia.

National park

The island belongs to the group of Yanyuwa Aboriginal people. Task of national parks is to protect the culture and traditions of Aboriginal and preserve it. The park is therefore guided by the Parks and Wildlife Service of the Northern Territory, together with the local administration of the Aborigines.

The island is located within the Sir Edward Pellew Islands, approximately 30 km from the river mouth of the McArthur River and Carrington channels. It can be best reached by boat from King Ash Bay, about 34 km north-east of Borroloola.

Visitors did not need permission to enter the island may. However, access to some areas is not permitted.

Flora and Fauna

Among the main attractions of the National Park include the long sandy beaches, such as in Paradise Bay, the small bays and sandstone cliffs. The interior of the island is dominated because of poor soils low open woods and sandy areas. In a small area and strangler figs are found. The proximity to the mainland makes sure that both sea and land birds in the park are home. Four different species of sea turtles lay their eggs on the sandy beaches. As in the waters around the island occur saltwater crocodiles, poisonous jellyfish and other dangerous aquatic life, swimming is not permitted. Even while hiking along the beaches, caution is advised because of the crocodiles.