The Finke Gorge National Park is established in 1967, 458 km ² national park in Australia's Northern Territory administrative unit, 1318 km south of Darwin. The nearest town is Alice Springs, from there we turn on Larapinta Drive to National Park.

Part of the park is Palm Valley, a valley oases, where many rare plant species are endemic. The world's last population of Marie palm can be found here. 1982 oil and gas wells were made in Palm Valley. A pipeline carries since 1983 the 138 km distant Alice Springs. The Finke River is up to 350 million years ago, one of the oldest rivers on earth. He made here a path between the Krichauff Range to the west and the James Range in the east.

In the park there are remains of the culture of the Aboriginal people of the Arrernte. In a natural amphitheater between the rock formations Old Man and Old Woman initiation festivals were celebrated. At the Sullivan Creek ancient rock drawings have been preserved.