Black Light District (EP)


  • Anneke van Giersbergen: vocals
  • René Rutten: Guitar
  • Hugo Prinsen Geerligs: Bass
  • Frank Boeijen: Keyboard
  • Hans Rutten: drums

Black Light District is an EP of the Dutch band The Gathering. She appeared in 2002 in the band's own label Psychonaut Records.

Creation and publication

Before the end of the contract with Century Media, the band had reissued their first two albums on their own label. To her twelve and a half year anniversary The Gathering, first published in new pieces over Psychonaut Records. Black Light District was recorded from 2001 to 2002, mixed by the band and producer Zlaya Hadzich and mastered by Alan Ward. The EP was first made available as a download in the summer of 2002, a few weeks later appeared with multimedia part and on CD in 2010 on LP.

Title list


The EP represents a further development of The Gathering style that showed rock on if_then_else already hints of alternative rock and progressive, and now even more influences from electronic music, such as from the trip-hop has. This development and the gloomy atmosphere of Black Light District indicate forward to the next studio album souvenirs that also has a different version of Broken Glass should be published.


" The Gathering have remained true to their atmospheric alignment and the vocals of Anneke van Giersbergen still beguiles the senses. But the Dutch have stylistically turn further developed [ ... ]. "

" 'Black Light Destrict ' [ sic! ] Exerts more attraction than is possible at any red light district in the world. It is formally obliged the three songs to listen again and again. [ ... ] See? No serious. "

Pictures of Black Light District (EP)