BM stands for:

  • Baghdad releases a publication series of the DAI in older literature, in more recent is abbreviated BaM
  • Basement membrane in cytology
  • Building mass (total volume of a building)
  • Meter
  • Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean, according to ISO 3166-1
  • Vocational ( vocational high school)
  • Diocese (history, historical maps )
  • Bitmap ( computer science )
  • Black Metal, a style of music
  • Brass band
  • Bolinder - Munktell
  • Boyer- Moore algorithm
  • Fire Chief, a service level of fire department
  • British Movement, a former right-wing party in the UK
  • British Museum
  • Mayor
  • Buffer Manager in a DB2 database
  • Federal Minister
  • Burson- Marsteller
  • Ferrovia Bellinzona Mesocco, former Swiss railway
  • Multi purpose branch pipe with B- coupling according to DIN 14365
  • BM- reactor, a nuclear reactor

BM as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Rhein -Erft ( Bergheim )
  • Greece: Attica, kept free for future approvals
  • UK: Birmingham
  • Croatia: Beli Manastir
  • Austria: District Bruck- Miirzzuschlag
  • Sweden: Diplomatic for the United Kingdom
  • Czech Republic: Okres Brno -město, German: Brno City ( discontinued)
  • Ukraine: Sumy Oblast

Bm stands for:

  • A chord symbol
  • Bambara, a West African language as a language code from ISO 639-1
  • . bm, the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the British overseas territory, Bermuda.

B m stands for:

  • Busch & Müller, a German manufacturer of bicycle accessories

B. M. stands for:

  • The Latin term Baccalaureus medicinae
  • The English expression Bachelor of Medicine and thus the lowest degree of medical school in England

B. m. stands for:

  • Brevi manu, that is, without circumstances
  • The Latin expression beatae memoriae, meaning " blessed memory " for the dead
  • Old recipes for a processing rule for pharmacists, from the Latin bene misceatur, that " it will be good mixed "

B & M is short for:

  • Baker & McKenzie, an American law firm
  • Bolliger & Mabillard, a Swiss roller coaster manufacturer
  • Boston and Maine Railroad, American Railway
  • Brick and Mortar, a company without an internet -based sales channels

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