Bolshoy Kamen

Bolshoi Kamen (Russian Большой Камень ) is a closed town in Primorye (Russia) with 39 257 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The city is situated on the east coast of the Sea of ​​Japan Ussuribucht, in a straight line about 40 km east of the regional capital Vladivostok. It is 130 km by road to Vladivostok.

The town of Bolshoi Kamen is the region administratively subordinated directly, has the status of a closed- administrative-territorial structure ( " Closed City " ) and is also the administrative center of the Rajons Schkotowo.

After Bolshoi Kamen is a railway line ( freight only ), which branches off at Smoljaninowo of the Trans-Siberian branch line to Nakhodka and continues on to Fokino.


Bolshoi Kamen (Russian for "big stone " ) was established in 1947 as a military naval base. 1956, the status of urban-type settlement and on 31 August 1989 was awarded city status.

During this period, the provisions for the previously secret place were relaxed, there were plans to set up a civilian port and which were, however zunichtegemacht with the renewed classification as a closed city on 19 July 1996. In the 1990s, the ship repair companies stood still in effect, resulting in a significant decline in population due to migration.


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Bolshoi Kamen is one of the main bases of the Russian Pacific Fleet. The economy is dominated by companies for construction, maintenance and supply of nuclear submarines and other ships whose main завод the Far Eastern factory founded in 1954, "Star" ( Дальневостосточный ( ДВС ) " Звезда " / Dalnewostotschny zavod ( DWS ) " Zvezda " ) is. Problems with radioactive waste were fought among others, the workboat Suzuran.