Fokino, Primorsky Krai

Fokino (Russian Фокино ) is a closed town in Primorye (Russia) with 23,696 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The city lies on the Abrekbucht, east of Ussuribucht Sea of ​​Japan, in a straight line about 45 km south-east of the regional capital Vladivostok.

The city is Fokino the region administratively subordinated directly and has the status of a closed- administrative-territorial structure ( " closed city "). From the city Fokino are searching for " closed" settlements of urban type Dunai ( Дунай, 7805 inhabitants, 12 km south-west ) and Putyatin ( Путятин, 1015 inhabitants, 14 km south, on the same island) managed so that the total population of the administrative unit " city ​​Fokino " is 33,825 ( 2009).

After Fokino since 1941 opened a railway track ( freight only ), which branches off to Nakhodka at Smoljaninowo of the Trans-Siberian branch line. Another branch line leading to a settlement Dunai.


In place of the present-day city Fokino 1891 was the village Promyslowka. The settlement Dunai, located closer to the open sea, was founded in 1907 by Moldovan resettlers, named after the Danube (Russian Dunai ) and was initially important as a fishing port.

1958 but was Promyslowka urban-type settlement, as well as 1963, the newly formed as a naval base in the immediate neighborhood, but closer to the coast Tichookeanski (of Russian Tichi okean literally for Pacific Ocean ). The villages grew together and eventually received on 4 October in 1980 under the present name city rightly called " closed city ", but for which the name Schkotowo -17 was used for reasons of confidentiality (after the settlement Schkotowo, the former administrative center of the surrounding Rajons same; Today is the Bolshoi Kamen ). The subordinate settlements were codenamed: Dunai was Schkotowo -22 and Putyatin Schkotowo - 26th Since 1994 Fokino bears this name officially.


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Fokino is the basis of the Russian Pacific Fleet.