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The Kreuzblütlerartigen ( Brassicales ) are an order of flowering plant ( Magnoliopsida ).


Most members of the order are distinguished by the presence of mustard oil glycosides and connected so that the enzyme myrosinase from. In violation of the fabric myrosinase from special idioblasts occurs and sets from the mustard oil glycosides, the free, which is used for defense against herbivores. Outside of order glucosinolates are only of the genus Drypetes known.

The ovary usually consists of three carpels and is upper constant. The placentation is parietal, the embryos are often green.


The order Brassicales is within the euro Siden II, the sister group of the Malvales. It includes the following families:

  • Akaniaceae including Bretschneideraceae
  • Bataceae
  • Cruciferous plants ( Brassicaceae)
  • Caper plants ( Capparaceae )
  • Melon tree plants ( Caricaceae )
  • Cleomaceae
  • Emblingiaceae
  • Gyrostemonaceae
  • Koeberliniaceae
  • Limnanthaceae
  • Moringaceae
  • Pentadiplandraceae
  • Resedagewächse ( Resedaceae )
  • Salvadoraceae
  • Setchellanthaceae
  • Tovariaceae
  • Capuchin Kress plants ( Tropaeolaceae )


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