Carloman II

Carloman also Carloman II, French Carloman, (* 866, † 6./12 December 884 at Les Andelys. ) From the ruling family of the Carolingians was 879-884 King of the West Frankish Empire, from 882 as sole ruler.

In distinction to King Carloman I, the younger brother of Charlemagne, Karl Mann is often named with the atomic number II.


Carloman was the younger son of King Louis the Stammerer from his first marriage with Ansgard of Burgundy; he was brought up by the Lord Chamberlain of his father, Theodoric of Vergy. After the death of his father 879 Carloman was together with his older brother Louis III. anointed at the instigation of Archbishop Hincmar of Reims and of Hugh the Abbot to the king and crowned. The Registrar Gauzlin of Saint -Denis but had the East Franks, Louis the Younger offered the crown; this was only after the surrender of Louis III. and Carloman on the western half Lotharingens in the Treaty of Ribemont ready to drop his claim. The thus created a barrier between two sub- kingdoms should remain essentially until the end of the 13th century. Gauzlin of Saint- Denis made ​​it in Amiens 880 for an internal division of the kingdom among the brethren: This Ludwig III received. as an elder the heartland of the empire to the Francia and Neustria, while Carloman was to reign in Aquitaine and Burgundy. Thus, the chancellor wanted above all the spheres of power of his own family, the Rorgoniden to which the Guelphs to Hugo delimit the abbot.

Carloman had to accept the loss of Provence, where Boso of Vienne had usurped the throne. With his brother and Charles the Fat, he moved with an army against Boso and its allies Hugh of Alsace, Macon took a Boso and besieged unsuccessfully in Vienne. Only in conjunction with Richard the court Lord, a brother Bosos, he could take Vienne, but managed to escape to Boso Arles, where he could continue his kingship.

The primary objective of Carloman and his brother was to fight the Normans, who were 879 occurred with the "Great Pagan Army " in Flanders. In the spring of 880 Ludwig won the Younger at Charleroi over the Normans, followed in August 881 Louis III. at Saucourt a brilliant victory won.

Carloman died in December 884 the forest of Bézu at Les Andelys on the result of a hunting accident after he was accidentally wounded by one of his followers; He was buried in the Cathedral of Saint- Denis near Paris.

Since Carloman and his brother Louis III. had died childless, and her half-brother Charles was still a minor, the grandees of the empire chose 885 Karl 's uncle, the East Frankish king Charles the Fat, to their new rulers as they had hoped to see this resolute defense of the Norman danger.

Thus the empire of Charlemagne was nominally united and for a short time again.