Charles W. Jones

Charles William Jones ( born December 24, 1834 in Balbriggan, Ireland, † October 11, 1897 in Dearborn, Michigan ) was an American politician of Irish descent of the Democratic Party. From 1875 to 1887, he sat for the U.S. state of Florida in the U.S. Senate.

Early life and family

Jones was born in Balbriggan in the east of Ireland. His father died during his childhood. With his mother, he emigrated at the age of ten years in the United States. In New York City and St. Louis, Missouri, he attended the schools. In 1854, he moved to Florida, before he had been settled in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. In 1857 he was admitted for a law degree as a lawyer. In Pensacola, he opened his own law firm.

Jones was married to Mary Ada Quigley since 1861. Until her death in 1880, both parents of four children were.


In 1872, he got into the business of politics. He ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. In 1874 he was elected by a margin of five votes in the House of Representatives from Florida. Already in the same year ran Jones for a seat in the U.S. Senate. From the choice population of Florida, he was elected as a Senator in 1880, he succeeded in re-election. In the spring of 1885 Jones moved to Detroit. In the following years was repeatedly unsuccessful attempts to remove him from office because he is said to have alleged a relationship with a much younger woman. In the 1886 Senate election he was not elected to the Senate.


After he resigned from the Senate, Jones went to live as part of the traveling people people in miserable conditions in Michigan. In his last years he had a permanent residence in Dearborn. He died penniless in 1897. He was buried in Pensacola.