Chelles, Seine-et-Marne

Chelles is a town with 52 817 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Seine- et- Marne in the east of Greater Paris. It lies on the Marne. The distance to the center of Paris is about 18 km. The city belongs to the region Ile- de -France. Through the urban area extends over a length of almost three kilometers and the Canal de Chelles. Chelles is the largest city of the department.


Chelles goes back to the Merovingian Palatinate Kala or Cala. There, founded Chrodechild, wife of Clovis I, a small woman Convention. This built Bathilde, the wife of the Frankish king Clovis II at 658/659, in her time as regent of the kingdom, to the convent of Notre- Dame-des- Chelles according to the Rule of St. Benedict from. Bathilde 680 was buried in the abbey, as before her son, King Clotaire III. († 673). Until the dissolution of the monastery in 1790 and its subsequent destruction of the city's history is closely connected with this monastery.

Since the French Revolution the city name is used in today's spelling.

Coat of arms

Since the 17th century, the four -part coat of arms shows the top right and bottom left of each a golden lily on a blue background and in the other fields in each case on a silver background, a black, fünfsprossige conductor ( French: échelles ). Since 1990, a logo is used instead of the arms usually that the two elements of the coat of arms - contains - lily and conductor. It has recently been revised again.


As a municipality in the Greater Paris area with copious commuter traffic, the city is well connected to the center of the capital. Take the S- train (RER ) line E can be reached from Chelles - Gournay station to Paris Saint- Lazare train station in about 20 minutes and with the trains of the SNCF Gare de L' Est in a good quarter of an hour.

The local bus network Apolo7 connects with five lines seven municipalities of the Bassin de Chelles. The broader area is served by the buses of the RATP, the public passenger transport operation for the Greater Paris.

By car you can reach Chelles on the National Road 34, which runs past the town. The hotel is near the Autoroute A4 - two kilometers away - the Autoroute A104 ( la francilienne ).


Chelles is since 1964 the twin town of Lindau on Lake Constance.

Abbess of Chelles

  • Bathilde (also Berthild, Bertilla ) to 630-680, first Abbess of Chelles
  • Gisela (* 757, † 810), daughter of Pippin the Younger and sister of Charlemagne, abbess 788-810 ( Carolingian )
  • Heilwig to 826, daughter of Duke Widukind and widow of Count Welf I ( Guelph )
  • Rothild, 871 - MAY 22 928/929, Countess of Maine, daughter of Charles the Bald