Classique des Alpes

The Classique des Alpes was a French bicycle race.

The one-day race, which had its deadline usually in early June and was held in the Chartreuse, and in the bauges between the cities of Chambéry and Aix -les- Bains, was first held in 1991 and ending in 2004. The Classique des Alpes was also from 1992 to 2004 a part of the Coupe de France, a race series of French -day races. Record winner 's Laurent Jalabert, who won the race twice for itself.

With the creation of the UCI ProTour and UCI Continental Circuits in 2005 was due terminlicher overlap with other races, especially with preparation race for the Tour de France, no more space in the cycling calendar for the event, such as the Tour de France by the Amaury Sport organization was organized.


List of winners Juniors

  • 2011 France Pierre -Roger Latour
  • 2010 France Alexis Dulin
  • 2009 Belgium Tim Wellens
  • 2008 France Johan Le Bon
  • 2007 France Fabien Taillefer
  • 2006 Belgium January Ghyselinck
  • 2005 Moldova Aleksandr Pliuşkin