Combo Guard

Combo Guard (of English. Combination "union, combination ") is an informal term for players in basketball, both the Point can play guard and the shooting guard position. Such players are usually a little smaller than the usual Shooting Guards ( The preferred size for Shooting Guards in the NBA start at around 196 cm), but are physically as strong and athletic as normal shooting guards.

There are three types of combo guards:

  • Point guards who can play the shooting guard position due to their body size, their distance and throw their athletic and can defend this position effectively. These players possess both abilities: to draw a game, but also to score themselves.
  • Shooting Guards, in the areas of ball handling, passing and directing a game have the same capabilities as normal point guards and thus on the point- guard position as a " pass -first guard " (rather than fit itself points ) can. These players possess both abilities: You can even score, but can also draw a game.
  • Shooting Guards, which the height of a point guards (also called Tweener ). These players are large mostly below 190 cm and typically behave differently than a " pure " point guard. They are considered in the offensive aggressive and more on points, so connect the skills of a SG with the size of a PG. You can play due to lack of understanding and lack of skills for playmaking not be effectively used at the point- guard position, but lack height not effectively defend the shooting guard position. This type of player is also often referred to as a " shooting guard trapped in the body of a point guard " means.