Constantina, Seville

Constantina is a small town in the province of Seville, the Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia. It lies about 87 kilometers northeast of Seville in the foothills of the Sierra Morena. On 1 January 2013 Constantina had 6337 inhabitants.

Agricultural and culinary Constantina is known for olive oil production, goat cheese, cereal crops, mushrooms and anise. Mineralogical it is important for the reduction of lead, copper and iron. Historically, built by the Almoravids Castle (Castillo ), which after the Reconquista ( 1247 ) resulting Moorish quarter ( el barrio de La Morería ), built in the Mudejar Church of the Incarnation ( Encarnación ), the Hermitage of the Virgin of Robledo and some mansions of the 18th century interesting.

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