Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas ), illustration.

Dogwood Family ( Cornales ) are an order within the angiosperms ( Magnoliopsida ).


There are shrubs, subshrubs, lianas, or herbaceous plants. Do you have against or AC permanent evergreen or falling annually, mostly undivided leaves. The inflorescences are cymes or grapes. The individual flowers are mostly cruciform and radial symmetry, hermaphrodite or unisexual. The stamens are free. The ovary is inferior. The fruits are berries or stone fruit like false fruits.


The dogwood -like have their dissemination of the temperate latitudes to the subtropics: Your main distribution they have in the northern temperate latitudes ( Holarctic ) and in the subtropics. In the Neotropics, they occur from Mexico to Chile, especially in the Andes.


The Cornales are the basalste order and thus the sister group of all other asteroids within the asteroids. To her the following families are counted:

  • Dogwood ( Cornaceae ) including Nyssaceae
  • Curtisiaceae
  • Grubbiaceae
  • Hydrangea plants ( Hydrangeaceae )
  • Hydrostachyaceae
  • Flowers nettle plants ( Loasaceae )


  • The order of Cornales in APWebsite (English )