Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

Our cosmos (Cosmos: A Personal Voyage ) is the name of a 13 - part documentary series by Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan and Steven Soter. The music for the series yielded, among other things, the Greek composer Vangelis. So ran the opening credits of the series the title Heaven and Hell, and as recurring musical motifs, the title Alpha and Entends -Tu Les Chiens aboyer.

The series was first broadcast on U.S. television channel PBS in 1980 and won an Emmy and a Peabody Award. Because of their success in the U.S., it was broadcast in 60 countries and, according to the NASA Office of Space Science, seen by over 500 million people. In Germany they first aired on 14 June 1983 by ZDF and last several times from January to May 1988 at the local afternoon program. In the edited for German television version, however, ( with Norbert Langer as the voice for Carl Sagan ), the original 60 - minute episodes were shortened to 43 minutes to give the very parked on aesthetics in addition to the scientific content of the form has taken some damage. In 2000, the series of the COSMOS Studios has been digitally remastered, provided with supplements (which were at the time of production 1979 not yet known) and re-released as a DVD collection.

The series covered a broad spectrum of scientific topics and tried to convey to the layman complex scientific contexts, but also gave more than basic information about the origin of the universe, galaxies and the life beyond. More themes of the series were the colonization of Mars, the search for extraterrestrial life ( SETI ), the Cambrian explosion and the upcoming information age.


The series was produced in the years 1978-1979 with a budget of about $ 8.25 million. The format of the series was based on the BBC documentaries such as Kenneth Clark's Civilisation, Jacob Bronowski 's The Ascent of Man, and David Attenborough 's Life on Earth. The BBC, the series was co-produced, beamed the series later also made, but the consequences on average 50 minutes.

The series was produced with great effort and the use of innovative special effects allowed Sagan, for example, to move in seemingly daunting environments that existed in reality but made ​​small models.

2014, the series was titled Our cosmos: The Journey Continues reissued. The new edition will be produced again by Ann Druyan and Steven Soter, as a producer came Seth MacFarlane added new, moderated the series from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.