Dietikon District

The district Dietikon is an urban district in the west of the embossed canton of Zurich in Switzerland, which mainly comprises the Zurich Limmat.

The district was formed on 1 July 1989 spin-off from Zurich district. The spin-off was supported by all political parties and approved in March 1985 by a majority of the voters. Only in the communities directly affected the cleavage was rejected. Thereupon, a popular initiative was launched, which demanded the repeal of the proposed district. The popular initiative came in March 1988 to the vote and was again rejected by a majority in the canton.

First governor of the district was 1989-2001 Werner Pagnoncini (FDP). Since 2001, the Office by Adrian Leimgrübler (FDP) is exercised.

By 2008 Dietikon not had its own district court had jurisdiction, the District Court of Zurich. Established in July 2008, the District Court Dietikon was initially housed in the premises of Zurich and colleagues since the end of March 2010 in the newly constructed building district resident.


Changes in the community inventory

  • 2003: Name Change Aesch bei Birmensdorf → Aesch ( ZH)

Civil parishes

There are no more civil parishes.


Pictures of Dietikon District