Unterengstringen in foreground Kloster Fahr

Unterengstringen is a municipality in the district of Dietikon the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.

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Unterengstringen located in the Limmat Valley at about 400 m above sea level. M. on the southern flank of the Altberg - mountain range.

The proximity of the city of Zurich and the good transport connections contribute to the fact that the situation on the southern slope of Gubrists appears as preferred residential area. The two groves on Gubrist and in the hardware are popular recreation areas. Green belt, still operated as agricultural land belong with these open spaces, which expand in the southern part of the municipality with the possessions of the monastery and the Hard drive forest, a compact recreational area along the river Limmat. The area of the monastery driving is an enclave in Unterengstringen and belongs to the municipality of the canton of Aargau Würenlos.


The municipality has 2843 inhabitants in 1206 households ( 2002). Of these, 2'311 Swiss and 532 foreigners. The confessions were distributed as follows: Roman Catholic 1'003, evangelical - reformed 1'173, 667 other


Mayor Peter Trombik (2009).