Schlieren, Switzerland

View from Käferberg in Zurich

Schlieren is a city in the metropolitan area of ​​Zurich. Its inhabitants are called closing Remer. The city is also a municipality in the district of the Canton of Zurich Dietikon in Switzerland.

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The city is located in the Limmat Valley streaks south of the Limmat River, just west of the city of Zurich adjacent.


In streaks lived on 31 December 2011 16'685 people, with a proportion of Swiss citizens / internally by 55.8 percent.


December 31, 2011 were 38.4 percent of the population to the Roman Catholic Church and 17.7 percent for the Evangelical Reformed Church.

In the regional section of the Evangelical Alliance Chrischona the community and the Evangelical Baptist church ETG are included.


Schlieren is changing from an industrial city to city services and high-tech companies. On the site of the former SWS different companies have created new jobs, including the printing of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the television channel Star TV or the API Invest and Finance AG. In addition, here is a biotech cluster with various startup companies in this industry has developed. One of the traditional companies include Mentally and Schlatter. In streaks is also the headquarters of Mercedes -Benz Switzerland AG and Sony Switzerland.


Schlieren was Habsburg possession until 1415. After the conquest of the Aargau by the Confederates, it was part of the County of Baden. 1803 was assigned to the Canton of Zurich.

1777 founded here by the pastor Heinrich Keller, as he took two deaf boys in his rectory, the first " deaf school" in Switzerland.

End of the 19th century began in the wake of industrialization, the gradual emergence of a Schlieren peasant rural community towards the urban town.

In smears, the Swiss Wagons & Aufzügefabrik AG ( SWS) was from 1899 until its closure in 1985 is home.

Because of the proximity to the city of Zurich and the good transport links ( to 1956 Tram, trolleybus Zurich today ) began a population growth. 1960 exceeded the population of 10,000.

In 2008 Schlieren was awarded the Energy City label for adopted and implemented energy policy measures.


  • Former gasworks and Gasometer streaks
  • Local museum streaks
  • City ​​Park


Mayor Toni is man - Brühl Jecklin (SP as of 2010).


The Cabaret cutbacks known in Switzerland was founded in 1954 by Schliemann Remer teachers. The same teacher founded in 1957 the Children's Choir closing Remer Chind, today the most famous Swiss children's choir.


Since 1 January 2005 will be held on New Year's Marathon in Zurich Schlieren. Start and finish of this world's first marathon of the year are in the closed Remer sports hall down tube. The start is at 00:00 clock, exactly the year. In addition to the marathon distance ( 42,195 km ), a half marathon ( 21.0975 km ) and a quarter marathon ( 10.54875 miles) are offered.


Various media are located in Schlieren at the Wagistrasse. In addition to the television channels U1 TV ( in the premises of the former TV3 ), Star TV, VIVA and 3 are at the company primetime broadcasts " SwissDate ", " FUTURA.TV ", " KOCHEN.TV ", " very private " and " wohntraumTV " recorded. Nearby there is also the NZZ printing and advertising agency " Publiartis ".


  • Urs Allemann, writer
  • Werner von Aesch, teacher and comedian
  • Robert Boesch, photographer and mountaineer
  • Paul Zollinger, cyclist