DJ Zinc

DJ Zinc (* in London, England, real name Ben Pettit ) is an English DJ and music producer in the genre of drum and bass.

He became famous in 1995 with the Jungle Tune - Super Sharp Shooter. Together with his friend and mentor DJ Hype he was part of the Ganja Kru and True Playaz later. DJ Zincs style is based on the general rather than the hip-hop techno, many of his productions are strongly jump-up -heavy.

DJ Zinc also acts as Dope Skillz and rarer than Pacific, Tuned Air, Tyranny, or 66%. Under the pseudonym Jammin he produced Breaks pieces and is also successful in the 2-Step genre. Most of his drum -and- bass pieces he published on the label True Playaz, Global Thang and Frontline. DJ Zinc also runs his own record label called Bingo Beats. In 2001 he released a compilation of DJ Zinc Remixes of his plays under the name Beats by Design, in August 2004 he released his second album Faster.


  • " Trek 138 " (2000)
  • "Casino Royale " / " Dead A's " (with DJ Hype, 2001)
  • " Reachout " (2002)
  • "Fair Fight" / " As We Do" (2002)
  • " Ska " (2004)
  • "Steppin ' Sone " / " South Pacific" (2004)
  • " Drive By Car" / " Ins" (feat. Eksman, 2005)
  • " Wile Out" ( feat. Ms. Dynamite, 2010)

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