Eiderstedt (Amt)

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The Office eiderstedt is on the Schleswig-Holstein peninsula eiderstedt office in the district of North Friesland. The Office, which has its headquarters in the town of Garding, forms an administrative community with the city Tonning, for it performs the administrative business.

Official members of communities


The Office was formed in 1967 as an official eiderstedt -west of the communities of the parish offices Garding / Osterhever, tating and Tetenbüll and initially consisted of twelve municipalities.

With the formation of the district of North Friesland, the Office Oldenswort was dissolved in 1970 and incorporated the two communities of the Office Norderfriedrichskoog and Oldenswort in the office, which then renamed itself in office eiderstedt. With resolution of the Office parish Tonning the community Kotzenbüll came to office in 1974.

2002 could be the community Augustenkoog eingemeinden after Osterhever. 2006, the town of Garding and 2008, the town of Sankt Peter -Ording joined the office. Since 2010, the district is an administrative community with the official free city Tonning.


Chief Administrator

For the election period 2013-2018 was Christian Marwig, mayor of Tümlauer - polder, was elected Chief Administrator. He succeeded Hans Wolff ( Kotzebue ), who held the position since 2003.

Coat of Arms / flag

Blazon: " Azure, a golden three-masted sailing ship in the 16th century style with silver and red sailing masts and pennants. On the foresail a half red herschauender Leo (Leopard ), on the mainsail a red ox-head, on the mizzen a red fish. "

The official flag shows four equally wide horizontal stripes from top to bottom in the colors blue, gold (yellow), silver ( white) and red. In the center of the flag is the official coat of arms.