Elim Constituency

Elim ( 1091 meters above sea level ) is a constituency in the Omusati Administrative Region in the northeast of the Republic of Namibia. Elim is bordered to the north and west by the neighboring constituencies Okalongo and Oshikuku and on the east by the Oshana region. The county has a total of 15,210 inhabitants. The main town of the district is the village with the same Elim, residence of the kings Uukwambi.

Elim has lost its meaning, but was once an important site of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia ( ELCIN ). Due to the earlier flowering Elim has good infrastructure. These include a hospital, church, constituency office, community hall, cellular antenna, own water supply, a small grocery store, a China shop, several bars and several major schools, such as the Ashipala Senior Secondary School. At the same time the collection of the pension is held once a month a market is held.

Also located in Namibia, but in the south of the country, a dune with the name Elim.


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