Enrico Porro

Enrico Porro ( born January 16, 1885 in Milan, † March 14, 1967 ) was an Italian wrestler. He was Olympic champion in 1908 in London in the Greco- Roman style in a lightweight.


Enrico Porro spent most of his childhood with his grandparents in Cuvio (VA). In daily " racks " or " showdown " with the other village youth he acquired his physical strength and agility, he needed later in wrestling. Enrico Porro drove as a teenager, then to the lake and stayed some time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on. However, he returned to Milan. In Milan he began to struggle and was a member of the sports clubs Italia Milano and Pro Patria Milano. In 1902 he won in Legnano one of the newspaper " La Gazzeta " protegiertes our tournament in the Greek - röm.Stil, the style he wrestled exclusively. At 18, he was drafted into the Navy for five years. Most of the time he spent while on board the destroyer " Castelfidardo " in La Spezia.

In 1905 he was Italian champion in Greco-Roman for the first time. Style in featherweight. This title he won five times in his career. In 1908 he started for the Italian team at the Olympic Games in London in Greco-Roman. Style. He had to, even though he weighed only 60 kg ( featherweight ), compete in the lightweight (up to 66.6 kg of body weight) because the wrestlers competitions in Greco-Roman. Style only began with the lightweight. Was all the more surprising that Enrico Porro overcame the weight disadvantage against most competitors without problems, because he was in London with four wins Olympic champion at lightweight. In the final battle, he defeated while the 7 kg heavier Nikolai Orlov of Russia on points.

At the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912 Enrico Porro failed due to a work accident in which he suffered burns on one hand, do not participate. During World War II he was stationed for several years in Paris and participated in 1919 in Joinville in a championship of the Allied troops and occupied while in the featherweight class 2nd place.

After Enrico Porro in 1920 become the fifth time Italian champion at lightweight, he was sent to the Olympics this year in Antwerp. There, he won the featherweight Gottfried Svensson from Sweden, but lost surprisingly the Belgian Alexandre Boumans on shoulder, which he retired. A classification was made in these games only at the locations 1 to 4 Enrico Porro would have occupied the 10th place according to the rules at that time generally applicable.

Four years later, Enrico Porro was, although already 39 years old, again at the Olympic Games in Paris at the start. He started again at featherweight, but was defeated in his battles against M. Capron from France and Erik Malmberg from Sweden. With these results, he landed on the 18th Place.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, GR = Greek and Roman. Styles, Fe = featherweight, then to 60 kg or 62 kg, Le = Lightweight, at the OS in London to 66.6 kg )

Italian Championships

Enrico Porro in 1905, 1906, 1909, 1910 and 1920 Italian champion in Greco-Roman. Style Featherweight