Suren Nalbandyan

Suren Nalbandian (Armenian Սուրեն Նալբանդյան; born June 3, 1956 in Geghard, Armenia ) is a former Soviet wrestler and Olympic champion in 1976 of Armenian descent in Greco-Roman wrestling in lightweight.


Suren Nalbandian comes from Armenia. There he began as a teenager, even with the rings and developed already in the junior age to one of the best Soviet wrestler in the Greco-Roman. Style in his weight class. He was therefore delegated to the sports club of the army in the south Russian Astrakhan, where he was supervised by coach Vladimir Fomin. In the National Team, in which he was soon added, was the legendary Gennadi Sapunov his coach.

In 1974 he was 18 years old at the Junior European Championships in Haparanda featherweight second behind winner Stefan Rusu from Romania, which will be during the whole career of Suren Nalbandian still following one of his toughest competitors. In 1975 Suren could turn the tables and in Haskovo junior world champion at lightweight, this time in front of Stefan Rusu be.

1976 Suren was used in the European Championship in Leningrad at featherweight. Weakened by detraining he lost it after four victories over such prestigious opponents like Georgi Markov from Bulgaria, István Tóth of Hungary and Stylianos Migiakis from Greece, against Kazimierz Lipień from Poland and Ion Păun from Romania and had to be content with third place. Surprisingly, Suren was used at the Olympic Games in Montreal back in the lightweight. He justified the confidence of the Soviet team lead full, because he was Olympic champion. He defeated six opponents here, among the world-class athletes Heinz -Helmut Wehling from the GDR, Andrzej Supron and Stefan Rusu were.

1977 was Suren only at the European Championships in Bursa at the start. He was back in top form, defeating again Andrzej Supron and Stefan Rusu and to the front of local audiences particularly strong wrestling Turks Erol Mutlu.

How hard it was back then but even for an Olympic champion as Suren Nalbandian in the Soviet Union, to be used in international championships, had Suren 1978 and 1979 recognizable. Although he had won in the spring of the important " Ivan Poddubny " tournament in Minsk Rusu and Supron, he was neither 1978 are in Europe and even in the World Cup. Reason for this was that he. During the Soviet championships in Greco-Roman Style in lightweight was not among the first six places.

Also in 1979 Suren was employed in any international championship, although he was in this year Soviet masters before Wladyslaw Mkrytschew and Arik Niftulajew and Spartakiadesieger before Vitešlav Macha from Czechoslovakia, Arik Niftulajew and Anatoly Bykov, but both times welterweight become.

Suren 1980, however, was for the second time in the Olympics. In Moscow he started at lightweight and was defeated by Andrzej Supron and was made in the fight against Stefan Rusu along with this because passivity of the mat. For Stefan Rusu this judgment handed to Olympic victory, while Suren Nalbandian won the bronze medal.

After 1980, Suren Nalbandian, although only 24 years old, employed in any international championship more. In Armenia, he was inducted into the "Hall of Fame" the most deserving Armenians.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship, GR = Greek and Roman. Styles, Fe = Featherweight, Le = Lightweight, We = welterweight, then 52 kg, 62 kg, 68 kg and 74 kg body weight )


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