Lajos Keresztes

Lajos Keresztes ( born April 28, 1900 in Parajd, county Udvarhely; † August 9, 1978 in Budapest) was a Hungarian wrestler. In 1928 he was in Amsterdam Olympic champion at lightweight in the Greco- Roman style.


Lajos Keresztes began in 1919 for HSC ( Husos Sports Club ) with the rings. He developed very quickly became a top Hungarian wrestler in the Greco- Roman style. In 1923 he was Hungarian champion at lightweight for the first time. In the same year Lajos traveled with the MAC (Magyar Atlétikai Club ) Budapest, where he served in the meantime, for a friendly fight against ASV 03 Bad Kreuznach in Germany. After this fight, the Hungarians won 8-6 points, Lajos remained with his teammate Jozsef Tasnady in Bad Kreuznach and reinforced the ASV 03 He helped this club here in 1925 to win the German team championship with a victory over SpVgg Berlin East. 1925 started Lajos even in the German Championship in Greco-Roman wrestling in lightweight and has recently Fritz Leibinger from Mülheim and Gustav Fimpel from Hornberg German masters. After his return to Budapest, Lajos 1925 also still the same for the second time Hungarian champion at lightweight.

At the international wrestling mat Lajos Keresztes was the first time in the Olympic Games in Paris in 1924 at the start. He won the lightweight five fights and only lost in the final of the Finn Oskar Friman just on points.

The following year at the European Championships in Milan Lajos became European Champion. Here, he also succeeded in gaining revenge on Oskari Friman, he defeated on points. At the European Championships in 1926 Lajos was not at the start. But there again it was in 1927, when the European Championships in Budapest home took place. Lajos there won his first three fights, but then was defeated in the fourth round of the Estonians Osvald Käpp and had to retire.

The greatest success of his career celebrated Lajos at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam. With seven victories he achieved his Olympic victory. In the final he defeated while the German champion Eduard Sperling from Dortmund.

After 1928, Lajos withdrew from the international competition scene. But he was in Hungary for some years and was last active in 1931 in the lightweight Hungarian champion in free style, after he became Hungarian Champion in 1927 already in this style.

Later Lajos Keresztes was national coach of the Hungarian national team and had together with Mihály Matura major role in getting this in the 1950s and 1960s very successful team.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, European Championship EM =, GR = Greco-Roman style, Le = Lightweight, then to 67.5 kg of body weight)


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