Attila Repka

Attila Repka ( born January 10, 1968 in Miskolc ) is a Hungarian wrestler. In 1992 he became Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling in lightweight.


Attila Repka began as a teenager in 1978 with the rings. He belonged to the Sports Club Diösgyör BC and was trained by Jozsef Gutman. He trained as a chef, but focused on his 18th birthday, in which he was included in the Hungarian national team of wrestlers because of its success, just more on the rings. In 1987 he became the first Hungarian championship in the seniors at lightweight after he had previously won several Hungarian Champion title as a junior. As a junior he was still wrestling in both styles ( Greco-Roman style and free style ), as a senior but only in the Greco- Roman style.

His debut on the international wrestling mat he gave at the Junior European Championship ( Juniors = age group up to age 18 ) in Bologna in the weight class up to 65 kg body weight. He finished it the 7th Place. He scored his first major international success then 1986 Schiffer city. There he was world junior champion ( Juniors) in the class up to 65 kg in Greco- Roman style. In the final, he won it about Johann Weingartner of Germany. In Schiffer city he also started in free style and there came behind Eskender Tonsupow from the Soviet Union and Alexander Leipold of Germany on the 3rd place. Another medal at junior level won Attila Repka 1986 at the Junior European Championship in the age group espoir ( to age 20 ) in Lidköping. He arrived there at lightweight in free style behind Kanyebak Omuralijew from the USSR and Angel Sirakow from Bulgaria and before George Swabia from Germany to 3rd place.

1987 Attila Repka was at the European Championships in Tampere in Greco-Roman wrestling his debut at an international championship in the seniors. He came here in Leichtgewicdht to 6th place, where he lost the battle for fifth place against Claudio Passarelli from Germany with 6:9 points. At the 1987 World Championships in Clermont- Ferrand, he reached the 9th place in lightweight. In 1988, he achieved his first really big success in the seniors at the European Championships in Kolbotn / Norway. He was there with a victory in the final over Petrica Carare from Romania new European champion at lightweight. But with the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, he was the great expectations that he cherished as European champions that do not meet, because he landed there only on the 8th Place.

In 1989 he was able to repeat his title win in 1988 at the European Championships in Oulu lightweight. He defeated it in the decisive battles Ghani Yalouz from France and the Finale Mnazakan Iskandarjan from the Soviet Union. At the World Championships in 1989 in Martigny / Switzerland, in which Claudio Passarelli won the title, Attila Repka lost against Ghani Yalouz just 0-1 points, but was able to fight for the 5th place against Nandor Sabo clear from Yugoslavia 5-0 points. win At the European Championships in 1990 in Poznan Attila Repka lost the final against Pool Petrica Carare and defeated in the battle for third place against Ghani Yalouz. He suffered in the pool finals again at the World Championships in Rome in 1990 a defeat. He was defeated there against Islam Duguschijew from the Soviet Union. But he could beat in the battle for the World Cup bronze medal this time Petre Carara.

At the European Championships in 1991 in Aschaffenburg Attila Repka despite one defeat against Jannis Zamanduridis from Germany reached the second place in his pool and therefore could again fight for the bronze medal. He came to a point victory over the Spaniard Pedro Villuela. But with the 1991 World Championships in Varna, he left early and only came on the 11th Place. At the European Championships 1992 in Copenhagen, he reached the final against his eternal rival Yalouz Ghani, who surprised him after just seven seconds and achieved a so-called " straight-A " classification. Despite all the efforts he could not catch up 0:1 in the further course of this struggle and thus lost the final.

For absolute high point in the career of Attila Repka then the 1992 Olympics were in Barcelona. He stood there in the lightweight in top form before, and came into his pool to point victories over Stojan Dobrew, Bulgaria ( 4:1), Nandor Sabo (10:1), Petrica Carare ( 6:0 ), Ghani Yalouz ( 6:0 ) and Rodney Stacey Smith of the United States ( 10:0 ). So overall, he scored in those five fights a scoring ratio of 36:2. In the final battle he was against Islam Duguschijew the dominant male, although his victory with 1-0 points turned out scarce. The Olympic victory earned him but was so sure. In the journal athletics ( No. 9/ 1992, p 6) he is referred to as the best wrestler of the entire Olympic wrestler tournament in the Greek - Roman style.

After this great success it was Attila Repka first tackle " quieter ". This was demonstrated at the European Championships in 1993 in Istanbul, where he lost his first fight against the Finns Michael Lyski welterweight and was eliminated unplaced. At the 1993 World Championships he was not at the start.

In the next three international championships, where he went at the start, but he was again perfectly prepared. At the European Championships in 1994 in Athens, he was at lightweight with a 4-3 point victory in the final battle over Ghani Yalouz again European Champion. Also at the World Championships in Prague in 1995 he was in the final battle ( 2:6 ) had to be there but the surprise man Rustam Adschi from Ukraine on points defeated. He was then at lightweight for the fourth time European champion, said he certainly defeated in Budapest in the final battle Alexander Tretyakov from Russia with 3-0 points in 1996. At a nightmare for him but was then in 1996 his third participation in the Olympic Games. In Atlanta, he lost at lightweight against Ryszard Wolny from Poland ( 1:6 ) and against Valeri Nikitin from Estonia (0:2) after each points, finished only 22nd and last place in the lightweight. Then he ended his international career Ringer, in which he was enormously successful overall.

Attila Repka is very well known in Germany Ringer circles, because from 1991 he rag in the German Bundesliga for several years for the clubs KSC Germania Hoesbach, KSV Elgershausen and AC Bavaria Goldbach.

During his career, he Ringer began a career as a politician and was elected to the Hungarian National Assembly for his party, the " Fidesz " ( Federation of Young Democrats ) in 1994 and 1998. Since 2002 he has only more active in local politics. Since 2006 he has been coach of the Hungarian national team of the wrestlers in Greco- Roman style.

International success

Hungarian Championships

Attila Repka was Hungarian Champion in Greco -Roman style in the years 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995 and 1996 lightweight, and 1993 and 1994 in the welterweight division. In addition, in 1987 he also Hungarian champion in free style in lightweight


  • GR = Greco-Roman style, F = free style
  • OS = The Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, European Championship EM =
  • Lightweight, then to 68 kg welterweight, then to 74 kg body weight


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